Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Wonderful Week of Events...

Hey again everyone!!
I know last post was a little different from my usual posts, but like I said, I was going to go more indepth on my weekend at home and my week.

Last week was a really difficult one for me. I just felt like I had so much going on and was feeling a bit drained. Even though I love living here at Saint Mike's, I have to be honest and say that nothing is better than home sometimes.

The week's most momentous moment was when I was assigned to read the first reading at the 7pm mass. Even though I had been a lector before, this was my first mass at Saint Mike's and I was really nervous. I even went 2 hours ahead to snap a picture of my reading so I could memorize it while I was getting changed (I hope that isn't sacrilegious or anything... if it is, sorry!!) So at 6:50, I head out for mass with my great friends, Taylor and Hannah.

My 1st reading ever at Saint Mike's- Letter to the Prophet Habbakkuk (good thing I read the pronunciation for it in the side margin, because I would have probably mispronounced it.)

One of the coordinators, Melissa, was so sweet and helped me out with what to do, but of course, being clumsy little me, I would mess everything up, from the very beginning. As the First Reader, I had to walk in with the Gospel book and place it in its plastic holder in the sanctuary.
Yes everyone, my name is Alexandra Byrne... and I'm the girl who couldn't get the Gospel Book into its holder.

I tried, but it wasn't working!! All I kept saying to myself was, "WHYYYYYY!?!?!?!" So... I did the best thing I could think of- I balanced it in front of the holder instead and quickly went to my seat.
Overall, mass went really well, and I definitely have hope that I will be more prepared and relaxed next time. I actually tweeted about my nervous time at mass, and I so appreciated when my fellow blogger, Gabbi, was nice enough to send me a really nice tweet back, letting me know it would all get better :)

So, Friday, I took the 6 1/2 hr. drive down to New York and got home at 2am. It was great to just relax, hug my parents, play with my pets, and lie in my own bed. I even have to say, having a private bathroom was awesome too. While I adore Saint Mike's, you really learn to treasure the simple things at home as a college student ;)

Monday, I went to hang out with my amazing friends, Katrina and Katie. We met in White Plains, our old stomping grounds (I sound like I'm 100 ;) to go to Applebees, our favorite place to go for a quick bite in high school after first days, AP tests, and after seeing a movie.
But... it had totally changed.

What!?!?!?! We were in shock. How could the place we had frequented so many times in the past four years suddenly change on us!?! It was a real reality check. Once we placed our orders, we walked around a bit to see these new changes. It was then when Katrina started screaming, "COME HERE!! WE'RE ON THE WALL!!!!!"
On the wall? What was Katrina trying to say? Katie and I went to see what she was talking about. There in fact we were, our graduating class picture, literally painted onto the wall. We couldn't stop staring at it and calling our high school group of friends to let them know about it!!

Here is the graduating class of Good Counsel Academy 2010!! I'm the one with the shocked face in the left hand corner lol. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!

We then went to Nyack, NY to buy Katie's Halloween costume. Katrina and I, as usual, were making funny faces, playing around in the store's fake graveyard, and trying on weird sunglasses. Katie even joined in on the fun once she got her costume.

When I left New York on Tuesday night, I felt bittersweet. Being home was such a blessing in disguise, but I knew I just wanted to see my SMC friends and be back in my Saint Mike's routine.
Like I mentioned in one of my past posts, having two places you can call home is something I'm very lucky to have. Now that I'm back at Saint Mike's, I can truly say that is 100% true.
I hope you all had a really relaxing, enjoyable Columbus day break. Never hesitate to ask me a question on Formspring or send me a tweet on Twitter- I love hearing from everyone!!

Until next time, I send you all my best wishes,
Alex :)


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