Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Putting to Cannon- An Amazing Weekend at SMC :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

If you don't know by now, the SMC campus is quite white with snow. Everyone is so excited to make snow angels and mark the first true snowfall in the school year!!

I like the snow, I do. I like the cheerful attitudes of my SMC family and I love how absolutely gorgeous our campus looks with it. However, I, Alex Byrne, am iceophobic. Aka... I hate ice and slipping and all that stuff that comes with it. Thank goodness Saint Mike's is so great about cleaning paths and making sure all the students are safe on their way to class, dorm rooms, and meals :)

This week is all student's last week of classes for the semester and it's very bittersweet for me. My classes, while challenging, were really excellent. All of my professors were terrific and I became great friends with many of my classmates!! Finals are next week, so the SMC campus is going into overdrive with studying.

However, what's great about SMC is that everyone realizes you are stressed. So, the college tries to do as much as possible to ease that stress. Like on Friday, there will be free 15 minute massages being offered in Alliot (I will so so be there!!)

This weekend though was the best and I can't even express how much fun it was :)

Saint Mike's Student Association was amazing enough to set up two great events for students to attend. On Friday, we all got our inner kids out and went to Pizza Putt. For those of you not familiar with it (believe me, I had no clue what it was until someone from Vermont told me about it ;) it is like Chuck E Cheese, but with laser tag, mini golf, and so many amazing games.

So, around 8:45, a whole group of my friends headed into one of the Saint Mike's Vans and headed out to Pizza Putt. After receiving a $20 arcade card, free food (pizza, wings, chips, you name it, we had it), and free mini golf and laser tag, I was ready to go!!

I had so much fun with my friends, especially playing Laser Tag. Now, I had never played laser tag... ever. So, when I saw people rolling around the ground a la 007, I was like...

WHAT AM I DOING HERE!?! I'M NOT VIOLENT!! (Well... unless I'm playing a shooting video game, I got pretty into that at Pizza Putt too lol :)

However, my friends were great about helping me out with the rules and getting me ready... except when we were in the game and they kept shooting me 20,000 times (aka Taylor, Kate, Kayley, and Amanda lol ;) !! Ugh I found out in the middle of the game that my gun did not work :( Thank goodness for my friend, Marci, who had the same problem with her laser gun I did, so we stuck together, trying to avoid the other team and not get shot.

Here is half of the table- my friends Caitlin, Amanda, Taylor, Erin, and Kate :)

Oh Kayley... she wanted this yellow crayon eraser, worth 35 tickets, so badly that of course, I gave her 5 of my tickets so she could get it :)

My great friend, Kate- who I do not know how, but got 600 and something tickets. I should've played with her more often lol :)

My friends, Marci and Katie, playing Guitar Hero (they were really rocking it :)

Aww, Taylor, Kayley, and Erin!! (Love this pic)

Overall, it was such a great night of fun and friends :)

Saturday though the SA brought... NICK CANNON HERE!!!!!!

Yep- here are my friends with him!! Ahh so exciting :)
So, I remembered Nick Cannon as the guy that was on All That on Nickelodeon, Wild-n- Out on MTV, and of course as Mariah Carey's husband... Oh, I lie, and he has a radio show on one of my favorite NYC stations, 92.3 NOW FM (my mom enjoys his show lol)

So, my friends, Kayley, Taylor, Marci, Megan, the two Mary's, Katie, and myself, headed over to Ross to see the opening acts of alumni Kevin Anglin '08 and Pastor Case. They were both so funny and really got us laughing!!

So... you're probably wondering how Nick Cannon was, right?


My friends and I couldn't stop smiling and laughing throughout his comedy act. Kudos to Saint Mike's for bringing a great performer to make us laugh so much :)

This weekend, I'm really excited to go to the SMC VITA Snowflake Semi formal!! I'm taking my dance loving friend, Kayley, with me, and I hope it will be a great time- definitely expect some pics :)

The LAST KNIGHT CHAT OF THE YEAR FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS will be on December 9th at 7:30pm. I will be there, along with some of my awesome fellow bloggers, so stop by and have any of your questions answered :)

Always remember to never hesitate to send me a tweet on Twitter or a question on VYou or Formspring. I am always happy to help!!

Until next time, I send you my best wishes,

Alex :)


  1. I LOVE THIS! <3 especially the picture of my head on the table! I will be seeing you at the formal this Saturday! I'm so excited! Thanks for writing this :)

  2. Such a fun weekend! I love the picture of Katie and Marci playing Guitar Hero... Marci looks so INTENSE!!! They were really getting into it, lol :)

  3. Aww love you guys :) Megan, it was a great weekend- cannot wait to do an Eclipse weekend :) Kate, I cannot wait to hang with you at the semi formal and that is my fav pic of you lol!!

  4. Love it, Alex!!! I really like the picture of us at the table. Nick Cannon WAS amazing :)

  5. Taylor, you could not keep the grin off your face after touching his rib in the pic hahahaha!! So glad you liked the blog :)