Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That Feeling of Belonging...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

I hope you are all having a terrific week!! The snow in VT just started falling, so I'm preparing to get on my comfy pink snow boots and enjoy it :)

A prospective student just asked me a terrific question- "Why Saint Mike's?" This is probably what a lot of my readers are going through right now. The hustle and bustle of applications and supplements, getting your guidance counselor to send out your transcripts and letters of recommendation on time, and then that anticipation of- Accepted? Denied? Wait listed?

If you ask any of my high school friends or my parents, they could tell you I was a wreck during this time. I was an honors and AP student, member of 10 clubs, and an active member in the community, and still I could never stop asking myself, "Am I getting into college? Will I get scholarships? Will I be able to pick the right school for me? What if the food stinks?What if I don't get accepted to my top college? Will I make friends?"

So many what ifs and a lot of anxiety, anticipation, and a lot of ugggghhhhhh= Alex at this time last year.

I applied Early Action II to SMC, so when I got that bold purple envelope around this time, I knew SMC was one of my top 3 colleges out of 7 colleges I applied to. As I opened the envelope slowly, I said a little prayer.

I was enthusiastically accepted into SMC. They even wrote on my Acceptance letter that, "My dedication to service was outstanding!" (I was squealing at this point lol ;)

While I was so proud to be accepted and received a big cheer from my parents, I was still at an anxious point.

So... I've been accepted. Is this the right place for me though?

I was actually just talking about this with my great friend, Marci, tonight about how difficult the college decision was.

I visited a lot of schools during that time. I heard about the same things- "Here is the cafeteria. Here are the dorms. Here are the academic buildings." Thank goodness I always brought my camera with me, because I don't know about you, but certain things at certain schools stared to blend after a while.

I went to a SMC Accepted Students Day in March on a rainy Monday morning. I had been in the car for the past 7 hours, had my hair all messy from sleeping in the car, and was not in the best of moods.

However, that all changed once I stepped foot onto the SMC campus. From there I was greeted by so many of our fabulous students and Admissions counselors. I had a wonderful Q&A with First Year SMC students, who were going through the same transitions. Had lunch with a terrific guide who let me in on all the terrific SMC traditions, activities, and academics offered. My mood was quickly changing and I was loving it.

I know this may sound dumb, but I told my parents I did not want to buy my 1st college sweatshirt until I got that "feeling." The feeling that I would belong, as a student and as a member of a family. The feeling where this was the place I could see myself heading into the cafeteria with my cute PJ's on and having people who knew me smile and wave for the next four years. A place where I could grow and prosper as a person and know that whatever I wanted to do, I would be supported by the people at my 2nd home.

I went into the SMC bookstore and told my parents to get some sweatshirts- I had made my decision...

A decision I haven't regretted one bit.

To all my prospective student readers, find the place where you get that "feeling." A place where you know you will belong and will help you grow strong in the next four years :)

Today is the LAST DAY TO APPLY for regular decision to SMC so please make sure to get those last minute applications in!!

Remember to never hesitate to send me any questions on Formspring or VYou or send me a tweet on Twitter- they always put a smile on my face and I love helping out concerning anything about SMC!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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