Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Love Affair With Twilight... Part I

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

I hope everyone has had an amazing Thanksgiving break!! I personally have been so happy to be home-getting the chance to relax, be with my family and pets, and seeing my best friends from home, it has definitely been a wonderful and much needed vacation :)

This month I was especially excited, mainly because Breaking Dawn Part I was coming out. If you guys didn't know already...

Hi, I'm Alex Byrne :) I am a Twilight Superfan.

Hahahaha, yes everyone, I have loved Twilight since I was 14 years old (wow... and I'll be 20 next month!!) That was before all the movies, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn were even released and Twilight was relatively unheard of. I first discovered Twilight in the spring of my freshman year of high school, when a girl in my 11th period English class did her oral book report about it. I don't know what it was about what she was saying,  but it sounded like a relatively good book, something I might want to check out.

So, when my Dad asked me what books I wanted for summer (yes, I am a book nerd and one of Barnes and Noble's best customers :) I just happened to remember that book that this girl had done her report on and wrote it on my list. When I started reading it one May night, at first I was like, "Ehh this is a slow book... I hope it gets a little better."

A couple of hours later (when I really should have been sleeping before heading out to school the next morning) I was still up reading it. I just could not put it down. When I had turned the last page and read the last sentence.

It felt... magical. Like a happy, amazing, wonderful feeling that could never be put into words :)

I know, so super cheesy, but it really did!! I was of course in love with the mysterious, handsome, loving Edward, thought I would be the perfect Bella (long dark brown hair, brown eyes... move over, Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer was totally picturing me!!) have a best friend like Alice who was so bubbly and nice, and all those things combined... it just made me feel something that I had really never felt while reading a book before (except Harry Potter, of course :)

I read all the outtakes on Stephenie Meyer's website, constantly reread Twilight, and might have even stayed home sick one Friday just to read my new copy of New Moon (Mom and Dad, I hope you skip this part, I really did have allergies!!)

So, getting to the main part, when I was 16 years old, at the end of my Sophomore year of high school, I found out they were making a Twilight movie. I bet you could guess my reaction ;)


and then....


After I got over that in reality, they wouldn't really ever cast me, true excitement took over. I had decided not to have a Sweet Sixteen, so I came up with the idea that I would have...


So, that summer, believe me, I saved up. I got little jobs here and there on top of working overtime at my summer job as a counselor. I had also been saving a lot of money in case I did have a Sweet Sixteen, so some of that money went straight to my Twilight day savings. 

Finally, when school started, I began telling my friends a little about my idea of a Twilight day and if they would like to come with me. Many of them had never read the book, but were excited to see it.

I bought pins, tickets, and shirts for 19 of my closest friends. We were going to walk to the movies Friday after school, take pictures, and then see Twilight!! It was a little tough, since many of my friends and I were going to a Sweet 16 for one of our classmates afterwards, but it was somehow all going to work out- I knew it :)

Some of my best friends and I posed in the locker room- from left, Tara, Marie, Danica, Dee, Jen, Lizzy, Ashley, Marialisa, and me in the center :)
Yep- all 19 of them: Mary, Danielle, Tara, Sean, Jen, Marialisa, Stephie, Dee, Me, Marie, Bridget, Michelle, Julie, Ashley, Danica, Katrina, Trina, Glenda, and Lizzy.

My outfit- my Twilight t-shirt, pin, and "Mrs. Cullen" hat :)
Here are cutout Edward and I, Christmas 2008 :)    

It did all work out and it truly was one of the best days ever. My day started off with my great friend, Marie and her family, giving me one of those 6 ft. cutouts of Edward Cullen- it was literally the cutest thing!! My friends and even my teachers, who I told all about Twilight day, were so supportive and constantly asking me how excited I was. My best friend, Jen, even made me a "Edward Cullen hyperventilation bag" just in case the site of Rob Pattinson was too much for me to handle (hahahahaha it still makes me laugh to this day :) Once we saw the movie, we got ready in the movie theater bathrooms and my mom drove 7 of us to the Sweet 16 down the road.

Overall, it was a priceless day that I will never forget :) While it was wonderful seeing the movie (even though I pick on it a lot when watching it now) it was the best feeling just bringing together a bunch of my friends, some who didn't even know each other, and bond over this experience together.

For every movie now, my friends and I try to get together to see it. It has become a tradition for us, one that reminds me just how lucky I am to have the friends I do. In my next blog post, I'll talk about my Breaking Dawn days and how lucky I was to start a new Twilight tradition with my amazing SMC friends :)

Eclipse Day 2010- Summer before SMC: Katie, Christina, Kaitlyn, Andrea, Lizzy, Danielle, Sean, Mary, Bridget, Trina, me, Katrina :)
Now, while you may be reading this saying, "Oh gosh, Alex you were crazy!!" Yeah, maybe I was. Sometimes though, whatever it may be, whether it is a book, social activism, volunteering, sports, school (like SMC for me :) or just anything you're passionate about, gives you moments of utmost happiness and excitement, then I believe, no matter what, try to pursue it :)

Please feel free if you have any questions at all, to get in touch with me via Formspring, Twitter, VYou, or email- I'm always happy to help my wonderful readers :)

Until next time, I send you my best wishes,
Alex :)

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