Friday, July 29, 2011

what is the lighting like in the dorms, is there any overhead/ceiling lighting, or will it only be lamps that we bring?

Yes, there is an overhead light, but to tell you the truth, I personally never enjoyed having it on because it was very bright. I usually preferred having my desk light and my roommates desk light on, because they brightened up the room softly and just as well :)

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How is the fitness center at SMC?

I personally think it's great. Located in the Tarrant part of Ross Sports Center (upstairs), the fitness center of course includes a cardio room and a weight room, plus an indoor track. There are also studios available if you enjoy dance. Every week, programs such as Zumba, Yoga, and open pool night are offered as well. Downstairs, you have the intramural gym and some raquetball/ squash rooms and also the climbing wall :)

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I heard your a big part of campus ministry and the person to contact. So, what are you involved in within it?

Well, I'm a lector and a Eucharistic Minister at the 7pm Sunday mass, I've attended some retreats, and I'm looking forward to becoming a member of the VITA (campus ministry here at SMC) vision team and group leader in our large prayer group, LINK, which meets weekly. We have so many programs within VITA, such as the Dessert and the Divine, where we have delicious baked goods and catch up, the Emmaus and Leap retreats which are every semester and very popular, or even just being a part of the mass through liturgical choir or alter serving. We love seeing new faces, so please feel free to come as much as you like!! If you have a specific interest within campus ministry, please feel free to email me at or to email Anna Lester, our campus minister, at hope to hear from you :)

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I am buying all of my books online now, but I still need to take the second half of the language placement exam, so I don't know which Spanish class I will be in. What do you recommend I do about my books for Spanish?

Most likely, you will be placed in the class that you tested into for the online part of the exam. However, I think just to be safe, wait until you take the second part of the exam that Friday during orientation and see how you do before you buy any books. When you do find out where you've been placed, buy the books and definitely talk to your Spanish professor, making him or her aware of your situation :)

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how is it possible to become a blogger for smc? if so, is it too late to sign up to be one for the 2011-2012 year?

I would definitely get in contact asap with Gabbi Hall, our Online Communications Coordinator, at or Mallory Wood, our Assistant Director of Marketing, at to get more information about becoming a blogger for this year :)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do you recommend a theme to a dorm room?

My roommate, Bri and I actually decided on a beach theme for our room, so we had sea shells, posters of the ocean, and quotes about the beach scattered around the room. The number one thing you definitely need to do is make your dorm your own, so if you and your roommate talk about and agree on a certain theme, than I think it's is a great way to do that :)

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Do you know anyone who took Chorale? I'm thinking about it, but I'm not sure.

While I do know a couple of people in Chorale, I don't know much about it, unfortunately. However, one of our bloggers, Gabbi, was previously involved with it- I would definitely ask her about it for a student point of view :)

Here's the link to Gabbi's formspring:
If you want to get in touch with the professor:

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Have you liked your experience as a blogger at SMC? Did you feel accepted as a Freshman?

I have loved my time as a SMC blogger. Being able to provide insight and information about SMC, but also being able to share my personal experiences as a college student has been really great. I definitely felt accepted as a freshman blogger!! I think what you have to understand is that the SMC bloggers are really a team- we all have different experiences, but we come together to show prospective students and their families what we like about Saint Mike's. No matter what year you're in, you'll definitely form great relationships while being a part of the SMC Blogs crew :)

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What size are the beds? One place i read XL and another that they aren't XL?

They're twin, but if you're tall, you can always request Twin XL :)

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I'm so excited for SMC!!! I hope I'll see you around, Alex! You've been really helpful with your blog and your Formspring, answering questions for all of us nervous freshmen!

Ahh I'm so excited for you!!!! Nervous feelings are definitely to be expected, but they'll go away quickly once you meet some friendly faces around campus during orientation and move in :) Thank you so much!! My number 1 goal is to help the incoming freshman as much as possible, so I'm so glad my blog and formspring has helped you. Definitely continue asking questions and if you see me around, feel free to say hi- I always love meeting new people :)

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Someone asked a question about the cable at SMC...but is it true that you can really get ALL those channels? That's so awesome! Do you just need to bring your own TV and plug it in, and that's it? You don't have to pay for anything or hook anything up?

Yes, you can get all 103 channels, no big hook up process, and no extra charge what so ever- amazing right!?! All you need is the TV, cable plug, and you're good to go. Enjoy it :)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Heard VITA puts on a big dance during the year? True?

Well, last year, we had the VITA Snowflake Semiformal right before we all left for winter break, which was so much fun!! We all got dressed up and went to Pomerleau, which is right across the street. We all had a wonderful time having great conversations with friends, sipping sparkling cider, using the chocolate fountain, and dancing the night away!! It was such a success and hopefully, we'll have it again this year :)

I actually did a blog with some pictures from the semiformal, if you want to check it out!!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are there non-greasy options at Alliot? Every time I eat at a college cafeteria, I feel like a huge ball of grease.

Absolutely!! I have to say, I'm extremely picky about greasy food, so I totally understand. If you want to steer clear of burgers and fries, there are hearty soups, fresh salads, yummy pastas, and healthy stir fry's always available in Alliot :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

honestly, what is the food like at smc?

Personally, I think it's good. In Alliot, there is a lot of variety offered every day- from specials to our usual grill, international (where they usually have some type of stir fry), our vegan/ vegetarian option, pasta bar, pizza, soup, salad bar, and of course, dessert bar. You also have the other Knight Card swipe option of going to Sloane on North Campus, which houses Knights at the Round Table, SMC's little restaurant, where you make reservations, get to choose from different options from the menu, and get served which is pretty cool and delicious as well. The Knight Stand, which costs money, is always great too- serving wraps, salads, and sandwiches. Overall, you'll always find something that you like :)

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Could you explain more about the dorm space (recommendations as far as lofting-1/2 or full,- storage, etc. Is there a difference between buildings... I'm in Ryan for instance... College shopping is well under way and I was wondering what works best :)

Absolutely I could!!
Lofting: You're right, you do have the options of a half or full loft from the lofting companies that SMC uses. Personally, either or is good for storage. Full is great if you feel like putting a futon or I even know some people who put their desk underneath the bed. Half is also reasonable because you can sometimes have things such as your refrigerator and microwave underneath. Either way you'll have plenty of space. I would definitely check out the lofting companies to see the height which you feel most comfortable with and even on move-in day they'll be in the quad setting up if you want to check them out in person. Even if you decide not to loft, I would definitely recommend bed risers, which lift your bed about 3 ft. Here are the links for lofting:
For the bed risers:

Storage: Under the bed storage is the best freshman year. Whether you use the long thin storage boxes ( or the tubby medium sized boxes (, they are must haves and the best investments in college!! They save space and having them under your bed is terrific too because it doesn't interfere with your roommates space either. For closets, I would recommend some cascade hangers, so that you can cut down on the amount of space you use for things such as clothes and shoes and you'll have plenty of room. Now in Ryan, since you have real closets and not the armoire/cubby closets that Joyce and Lyons have, I probably wouldn't go with hanging racks for shoes and thing inside the closet, but maybe one for outside of it that you could hang.

I hope I got everything!! If there's anything you want me to cover more in depth, please feel free to ask another question about it :)

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How late is Alliot is open until during the week?

It's usually open until 8pm on weeknights :)

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for tvs in the dorms, is it basic cable, or just the four main networks?

What's terrific is that SMC provides about 100 or so cable channels. All you need to do is connect your TV to your cable jack and you're good to go!! Here's the link to all the channels :)

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do you have 1 ra a floor? Idk if I want to have a guy ra.

No worries!! Each wing has it's own RA. Even on the single sex floors, you have 2 RA's who are either both girls for the girls floor or both guys for the guys floor. So, if you're living on a single sex wing, and you're a girl, you have a girl RA and if you're a guy you have a guy RA :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Could you explain the dorms wing/ floor thing to me and how to not get lost?

Sure I can :) Okay, so each dorm (Ryan, Lyons, and Joyce) is divided into north and south wings. However, in Ryan and Joyce, you are separated into single sex wings, where as in Lyons, you are separated into single sex floors.
So, what this means is:
-When you enter through the main stairway, each floor you go on will have a left (north) and right (south) door, leading you to that wing of the floor.
-So, let's say in Joyce, when you reach the 4th floor, you have the choice of turning left (north) for the guys side or right (south) for the girls side.
-In Lyons though, since it's separated into single sex floors, you'll have both north and south wings of the same sex. Last year, it was 1st and 2nd floors boys and 3rd and 4th floors girls.

While this sounds like a lot, you'll find your way pretty quickly and be a pro at dorm living before you know it- good luck!!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Did you form any lasting relationships with the girls on your floor? I'm really nervous about it.

Aww absolutely I did!! I'm constantly texting or Facebooking many of my floormates to see how they're doing and how excited I am to see them again in the fall!! I have to say, I was so super nervous about this too. However, many of my floormates became some of my closest friends :) While I can probably name majority of my floor and say the terrific relationship I share with each of them, I'm going to let you know that your floor truly does become your second family. Whether it be going to each others rooms to hang out, do homework, stop by if their free for dinner, or even brushing your teeth together, you WILL make lasting relationships with the people on your floor. Remember, just be yourself, socialize and keep your door open for people to drop by, and you will quickly be on your way to meeting some great friends :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Is there anyway I can look at my dorm beforehand? Pleeeaasseee?

I'm guessing you mean at Registration Day? While I wish you could, I don't think it's possible until move- in. However, you can visit a dorm set up in Lyons to get a glimpse of what your room may look like :)

Here is one of the videos from the interactive tour about dorms:

Good luck :)

Closets! Tell me about them! Thanks!

Okay!! Ryan has actual closets, while Lyons and Joyce have I guess what you would call armoire looking closets with a cubby on top for storage. Closet size is terrific in ALL dorms and you also get a good sized dresser, which is terrific as well- you'll have a great deal of space for everything :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Could you do a blog about room mates soon? Like living together and everything? Thanks!

Absolutely I could!! Thanks for the recommendation- I'll try to have it up in the next couple of days :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Hey Alex!! I've gone into GREAT housing this year, and I was just wondering if my entire floor will be GREAT as well...

Hi!! Yes, when you sign up to be in GREAT housing, you are put on a floor with others who have decided to be a part of the GREAT program as well :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Ok if i want to send a package, whats my address?

John Doe
Saint Michael's College
One Winooski Park Box# ****
Colchester, VT 05439

When you get a package, you get an email to drop by the post office, which is in Joyce Hall, and come pick it up :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Do you know the orientation schedule??

Here you go :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

How did you go about move-in day. I'm getting nervous/anxious already!

I totally understand how you feel!! I was a bit of a nervous wreck the week before move in. Would I be able to pack everything in my car? Will I have to carry everything up four floors myself? Will I meet nice people (yeah, I worried about even that ;) I can guarantee you though, it will all go really well on August 25th :) Once you get to SMC, you will be greeted by whistles and overall genuine happiness by the wonderful Orientation or O leaders, who from the second you park, will already be opening up your trunk and bringing your things up to your dorm- all you have to do is unpack!!
For me, the way I went about move- in day was just to keep as calm as possible, be social with everyone and say hi, and try to organize things as best as I could in my room before Orientation events :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Do you know anyone who lived in a single room and liked it?

Yes, I knew a lot of people who lived in singles and loved it!! I think the thing about singles is that even though you don't have a roommate, you do have your own space. Plus, you're living with 20 other people on your floor, sharing the same bathroom and lounge etc. Plus, with dorm socials during orientation, you get to meet a lot of people within your hall!! My tip- leave your door open so people can drop by and go around and introduce yourself, it will make all the difference!!
One of our SMC bloggers, Kayley, lived in a single this past year, so I would definitely try to contact her about it at or :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Is there a laundry room in every dorm or do we have a laundromat someplace on campus?

Yes, there is a laundry room in the basement of all the freshman dorms, so you never have to go outside of your dorm to do laundry :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Is Ryan Hall coed by wing?

Yes, so one side is girls and the other side is guys :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

You're great. I like love you for helping me out on the fbook p. Which dorm is closest to Alliot? I get hungry a lot.

Aww thank you so much- so glad to help!! Joyce and Ryan are the closest dorms to Alliot, but no matter what dorm your in, being in the Quad means you're pretty close to everything :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

sorry one more question about the triple, are there three separate rooms and a little common area with a bathroom? i'm in ryan hall

Aww no problem- always happy to help!! To tell you the truth, I'm not sure about the triples in Ryan, but I know that the triples I've been in Joyce and Lyons, you should have 2 big bedrooms with the bathroom in the middle.

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

I'm in Lyons Hall, and I'm slightly bummed about the same sex floors. Did you or any friends live in Lyons, and did they wish they had lived with same sex wings?

I actually lived in Joyce, but I had many friends in Lyons and they loved it!! I can totally understand how you feel though. No matter what, you're definitely going to meet everyone, boys and girls, during your first weeks in the dorm, through dorm socials, orientation, and even while doing laundry. For a lot of people, it's great to share the floor with the same sex and have 2 bathrooms on each side of the floor they can go to, but be able to just go up or down the stairs and hang out with their girl or guy friends. As a person who lived in a single sex wing, I really didn't find too much of a difference. No matter what, it will be really great :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

if i have two roommates does that mean we get our own bathroom?? orr whats the deeeal

Yes, if you live in a triple, you have your own bathroom :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Which hall is the best? Condition-wise :P

Hahahaha I love this question- I'm definitely going try to give you an unbiased answer, even though I am a Joyce girl ;) Condition wise- they're all pretty great!! They all have huge closets, carpeting, great views (Lyons faces quad or 3's field, Joyce is Alliot or quad, Ryan is quad or Ryan parking lot/ Alliot), and most importantly, the rooms are all pretty great sized for dorms, which is terrific!! Whether you're in Lyons, Joyce, or Ryan, you're in for a really great year :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

You seem wicked sweet on the 2017 page! Could you tell me what our jack number means?

Aww thank you!! Jack number is basically if you want to have a phone in your dorm, you can connect it to the jack listed to get a phone line. It's also really great when you need to plug in when the wireless might be a little slow and you need a faster connection :)

Roommate Time Class of 2015!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Today is a HUGE DAY for SMC's Class of 2015!!! It's Roommate Day!!

After all the wait, you finally get the email finding out who you're rooming with, what room will become your second home for the next year, and your mailbox number (so you can get great care packages from friends and family :)

This day last year, I was unbelievably excited. It was like the excitement of college had grown even more because I was officially living in a college dorm with a college roommate and was meeting people on Facebook who were in the same dorm as me. Which of course made me think...


Cheesy, I know, but I loved being able to say, "Oh, this person is going to be living on my floor!!" Or, "Ahh I'm living in the same dorm as some of the people I've been talking to this summer!!" I believe my roomie, Bri, even made a Joyce Hall 2010-2011 Facebook group, so that everyone would get to know the people that would be living each other in the same hall a little better.

Overall, it is truly such an exciting time. So, if you haven't already, check those emails, connect with your roommate (listed at the bottom of your housing email, so make sure to scroll down) via Facebook, phone, or even writing them a letter (their phone numbers and addresses are listed for a reason :) and connect with the Class of 2015 to meet your neighbors!!

I'm so excited for you all and hope you enjoy this day to the fullest :)

Remember, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me on Formspring, email, or send me a tweet on Twitter- I'm always happy to help!!

Until next time, sending you very best wishes,
Alex :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

hey,Alex...your blog on the Droid e-mail setup is working perfectly...thanks so much for taking the time to clear this up for your readers like me :)

Aww no problem- so glad I could help out!!

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Why did you choose the Android over the iPhone?

I have to say, when I bought my phone, one of the main reasons I didn't choose the Iphone was because it was not yet with Verizon, my phone plan, and I wasn't willing to change plans. I was looking to upgrade to a smartphone for college, but I had no clue what to choose!! I was actually a bit wary of Android when I was looking into phones- Android technology was just starting to be released and become popular, so I didn't know much about it. I've always been the girl who has to do a lot of research on a product before I invest in it and when I looked into the details, I was really impressed with the different programs it offered. So far, I've loved my phone- it allows me to download different social media apps that are important for my blogging (Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Formspring, Youtube etc.) and things such as the ability to have both a touch screen and a QWERTY virtual and pull out keyboard, the 5 home screens, and most importantly, a terrific calendar that puts all of my classes, clubs, and activities in order (a MUST in college ;) I chose a phone that fit me well and would help me in the future, which I find to be the most important thing for any person looking into choosing a phone :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why do are the bloggers retweet blogposts that other bloggers write?

As a person who does this all the time, I have to say it's because a) we love our school and b) the SMC Bloggers have a great support system. I know if I see one of my fellow bloggers who has a great new post up, I'm definitely going to share it with my followers, just so if they didn't get a chance to before (maybe they don't follow the blogger or @smcblogs on Twitter etc.) they have a chance to check it out now. We all have a unique perspective and tips for life at SMC, but we are all really similar in the fact that we are a team of bloggers that wants to get the word out and show prospective students and families what we like about Saint Mike's :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

Linking Your SMC Email onto a Droid...

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

My friend and fellow blogger, Gabbi, just came up with this amazing new blog tutorial about setting up your SMC email onto the IPhone (definitely check it out if you have one!!)

The thing is though...I have a Droid. I really wanted to set up my email account on my phone, but I didn't exactly know how to :( Gabbi's post definitely inspired me to finally do this, so of course, I had to see what I could do to finally figure it out.

After a bit of tinkering on my phone... I DID!!!!

For all of my SMC Droid readers, this post is for you :)

Welcome to Alex's Droid SMC Email Tutorial!!

1) Click on your "Email" icon (the yellow and white envelope).

2) Click on your Menu button (mine is between my home button and end/ power button)

3) Tap "Add Account"

4) Enter your SMC email address (First initial of your first name, last name, and password, then hit next.

5) When it asks you what account your email is- POP3, IMAP, or Exchange, tap "Exchange."

6) Now, you should be at a page that says, "Server Settings." You have 3 boxes:
a) Domain/ Username: \ (IMPORTANT: Keep that backslash in front of your username)
b) Password
c) Server: put in ""

7) Tap to check off both "Use a Secure Connection (SSL)" and "Accept all SSL Certificates." Then, tap next.

8) Then there should be a waiting bar that says, "Checking Internet Server." Once that's over, you just to approve Outlook changes to your phone, and you're good to go!!

I hope this post helps everyone out!! If anyone has any trouble, please don't hesitate to send me an email, a Formspring question, or even a tweet or direct message on Twitter- I'm always happy to help.

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)