Sunday, May 20, 2012

Since I know your both, can you tell me more about blogging and tour guiding in general? How do you become one? Do you enjoy it? Sorry this is a lot of questions haha! thanks!

Sure I can!! So, I was a blogger before I was a tour guide. I was actually approached by my admissions counselor who ran the SMC blogs program at the time if I was interested in doing it, so of course I said yes!! Being a blogger coming into SMC was phenomenal because it helped me out so much with learning about SMC. You usually go through a one month preliminary trial of blogging and utilizing social media and then will hear back. Connecting with prospective students and families through social media outlets in general via blogger, twitter, formspring, facebook, etc. We also put on Knight Chats throughout the year, where prospective students and parents can have their questions answered by the bloggers. Blogging definitely helped me to be prepared for becoming a tour guide. Usually around February or March, tour guide applications will be available. You do go through an interview process as well and then will receive a response within a week. Tour guiding is wonderful because I get to meet students and families and speak to them one on one and show them around the beautiful SMC campus, whether it be during a weekly and weekend tours or during big open houses. I could not have asked for two better jobs- both of them allow me to connect with prospective students and families and help them to get a glimpse into why I love SMC and I hope they will too :)

If you're interested in blogging, I would definitely talk to Gabbi Hall, our Online Media and Communications Coordinator at If you want to learn more about the tour guide process, I would also talk to Marci Wood, our Tour Guide Coordinator, at Good luck!!

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

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