Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The SMC Girl's Semester Look Back...

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

I hope you're all having an amazing day. As this fall semester is ending, I thought it would be a great time to look back at all of the events that made up my semester!!

Moving in and Orientation: August 21st I had my last SMC move in (WHAT!?) and orientation experience. While it was definitely bittersweet, I was so happy to be moving in with my best friends, Megan, Marci, and Mary and start the year off right by supporting my O-Leader friends and welcoming the Class of 2017.

VITA's Welcome Back Social and Team Retreat: VITA, SMC''s peer ministry group, has been such a huge part of my life, so coming back to over 40 people who were interested in VITA at our Welcome Back Social was phenomenal!! VITA also moved in early so that we could have team retreat, which was so much fun. We really got the chance to become closer and have fun all at the same time.

Going to Higher Ground for the First Time: Yes, I know, I know. You're probably saying to yourself, "Uhh Alex you have one of the best concert venues ever 10 minutes away and you haven't gone in four years? Well... yes that's exactly right hahaha!! Well, I finally went!! My first concert was in September, seeing Magic Man and Walk the Moon with Marci, followed by Plain White T's and Parachute in November with Taylor Williams, Sharon, Merrill, and Cara!! It was so much fun and the performers were AMAZING- especially for only $20!! Hopefully, I'll have more trips there next semester. Here are The Plain White T's, Merrill, Sharon, Marci, and myself at Higher Ground!!

LEAP Fall 2013: Every semester, I'm always honored to be a part of the LEAP retreat, a retreat offered by Campus Ministry every semester. This semester, I sponsored some of my amazing friends, Alex, Amanda, Kerry, Mary, and honorary sponsor Emily and Nicole. It's an experience that is not to be missed and is just a wonderful weekend away at our retreat center in Isle la Motte. My favorite picture from this day is definitely of my best friend, Eleanor. She was one of the leaders and wore this fabulous hat before everyone headed off, so I had to take a picture hahaha!!

Bri's Senior Game: Since my freshman year at SMC, I've been going to the SMC volleyball games to support my best friend (and freshman year roommate) Bri. After meeting so many new Class of 2018 friends at one of our open houses, I headed out to support her at her Senior Game, with my big sign in tow (Of course it had to be purple and gold :) Mrs. Saunders, Bri's amazing mom, took a picture of myself, Lisa, Bri, and Brandon, who all started in Joyce Hall together. Oh and of course, SMC won, which was even better!!

The Begley Dinner: every semester, the Begley's, who make up 1/2 of the Classics department, invite students to their home for an amazing dinner. It is literally the highlight of my semester, mainly because the Begley's have always been there for me. Of course, before we left for their home, Po, Sarah, Megan and I had to take a bathroom selfie of us all dressed up. A night filled with Latin songs, Telephone Pictionary, and plenty of laughs, it was just such an amazing night. A huge thank you to my amazing best friend, Megan, for driving and getting us through a sudden snowstorm!!

Loni Love!! Every semester, our Student Association, the student government here at SMC, hosts a comedian, free for all students. This semester, Loni Love came to Vermont and I have to say, she was the best comedian EVER!! Po, Maura, Lauren, Meriill and I had just come from the Advent dinner held in Nicolle Hall (Edmundites have the best food ever) so it was nice to be all dressed up and head out for a night of fun and pictures with Loni Love.

Joining Lit Choir: While I've been involved in Campus Ministry all four years at SMC, one aspect that I hadn't been involved with was the liturgical choir. Since so many of my friends were in it and I absolutely adore Jerome, our music director, I thought I would give it a try. It's truly been one of the best things I've done at SMC and I can't wait for next semester when we head to Albany, NY to perform. Here I am at the last choir meeting of the year with my friends Emma and Sarah!!

Running a Fundraiser: This semester, I had a very big part in helping run a campus wide fundraiser. Jay Moore, one of my absolute favorite people on the SMC campus, unexpectedly lost his son. We knew we needed to do something for the Moore's, so we decided to raise money in order to help Jay and his wife, Chrissy. VITA team organized a "Peanut Butte Pie Fundraiser" using my SMC mom, Anna Lester's famous recipe. Overall, we sold about 77 pies and 6 pies worth of slices, raising over $1300 for the Moore's. I spent a whole weekend in the Chapel's kitchen baking up a storm with Emily, Po, Kate, Maura, Hillary, Anna, Liz, and Sam, so that we could get the pies ready for Thanksgiving pickup. Here Po, Maura, and myself are standing in front of all of the pies we made (looking gorgeous with confectioner sugar on our shirts :) 

Seeing These Two: Living 7 hours away from home can sometimes be difficult, especially when you're feeling a bit homesick. Honestly though, as the saying goes, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder," so it's very special to me when I do get the chance to go home every two months for one of our breaks. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world for having these two wonderful people as parents and I can't wait to see them oh so soon!!

MPAB Monday Night Dinners: So, somehow, Merrill and I decided that we would start a tradition for weekly meals three years ago and we've never slacked on that. This semester, it was Monday night dinners. For those of you who don't know, Merrill has been my best friend even before she was at SMC. She was the first incoming student who told me they read my blog and from then on, I knew we were going to be friends. She has been such a huge part of my life these past three years and today I had to say a big "See you later" to her as she heads off for Ireland next semester (which of course didn't I cry big ol' fat tears and hugged her way too many times) Merrill has always been my little sister and it has always been so wonderful having a night every week where we could catch up/.For our last meal together, to celebrate our birthdays (Merrill is a Christmas baby while I'm a day after new year's one)  we went to Magnolia's Bistro in Burlington and it was delicious!!

Helping at Open Houses: The Founder's Society, our amazing student organization which help our prospective students through things such as the tours and blogs, holds a couple of open houses throughout the semester. This semester, my friend and Admissions Counselor, Katherine, asked if I could help at the Book Award breakfasts being offered, as a Book Award alum. I met so many class of 2018 friends, including my new friend, Erin above, and also helped greeting families, showing them what I love about SMC. Helping out at events like this always makes me consider the Admissions field one day for myself, just because I love helping people find their second home like I found SMC.

Overall, this semester, while a challenge, had many great events throughout it which made me again realize how lucky I am to be at SMC :)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via Twitter or email- I'm always happy to help!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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