Friday, May 16, 2014

PDay, Sunrises, OMG I'm Hot in this Robe, and Getting that Degree...

Happy Friday everyone!!

So, since we last spoke, I have made that transition from a SMC student to a SMC alum this past Sunday. 

Can you say SO CRAZY!!! I know I certainly am!! So, of course, being me, I documented it all for you :)

P-Day, also known as preparation day, was a little altered this year, as we had our Academic Symposium held that morning. I got up early to go support Po and Rynne in their presentations, which were absolutely phenomenal. Later that day, Marci, Megan, Mary, Sarah, and I went to Dunkin Donuts and Bagel Market to fulfill our P-Day breakfast tradition, got dressed in our special P-Day shirts, and were joined by Erin and Nick to head out for some free food and lots of fun!!
Love this pic!! From left, Nick, Megan, Erin, Marci, and myself (Thank you to Mary for the pic!!)

Marci and I heading out in the rain to the P-Day festivities!! (Thank you to Megan for the pic!!)

Breakfast time with the girls!! Sarah, myself, Mary, and Marci (Megan taking the pic :)

Po, myself, MM, and Liz!! (Thanks to Sarah for the pic :)

I Finished my Thesis!!
Looking tired and disheveled, but DONE!! Thank you to Marci for the pic!!

I was really nervous all semester about my thesis. Not only is it difficult bringing together so much of what you learned the past four years in your major into one paper, but it was difficult to believe that with this assignment, I would basically be done with my college career. My Senior Seminar was focused on the concept of human nature, so I decided to focus my thesis on the concept of altruism. With the help of my professor, Dr. B., and a lot of research, I finished my thesis and handed it in the Thursday before finals. It was titled, "Altruism: Innate Service to Others or an External Status Benefit?" My thesis was basically focused on the idea of whether or not we as humans can perform actions of kindness without seeking reward. Of course, when I finally read through it for the 500th time and went to print it... just my luck, I broke the printer!! Luckily, Marci was with me and when I came in screaming with my thesis all ripped up due to the printer jam and helped me to fix it. Once it was printed, I think I put my thesis in the bin outside of Dr. B's office a good five or six times before I actually left it there. It was such a momentous moment for me and I'm proud to say I got an A on it!! 

Studying for my Last Exams and Last VITA Events:
Me (The Princess of VITA hahaha!!) MM, and SL (otherwise known as Maura and Kate) matching!!

Biffle Slushie Tradition!! 

My other Alex and I selfie... I mean studying :)

On the last day of classes, VITA held their annual End of the Year Ice Cream Party. We got to indulge in delicious ice cream and watch the end of the year video, full of pictures of the many adventures and programs we had this past year. Once I got back home to 214, Sarah and I had our annual end of the year slushies at Cumbies and watched Mean Girls 10th Anniversary special with Megan. Even when finals week becomes very stressful, one of the best parts of it are the study sessions. I had my last study session with Alex, which ended up being more of a sob fest of how much we were going to miss each other and how excited I am for his next three years at SMC. Thankfully, exams went really well and with that, I was done with my undergrad career!! 

Senior Awards Brunch and Senior Week:
Myself with Nick, the Class of 2014 VP, and my wonderful friend, Gracie, our Class of 2014 President!! (Thanks SMC!!)
My Community Service Award!!
Po, Maura, and I!! (Thank you to Megan for the pic!!)
Once I had said my goodbyes to everyone, it was on to senior week. Senior week is basically a couple of days where the seniors have campus to themselves and enjoy lots of fun activities such as bowling, fancy meals, and great bands and DJs!! At the Senior Brunch, I was lucky enough to win the Community Service Award for my involvement in MOVE, VITA, and retreats within campus ministry and blogging and tour guiding for the Founders Society. It was so unexpected and I was a blubbery mess throughout it all. It was a moment I will always treasure and I'm so thankful to my classmates for nominating me for it!! 

Why Did I Wake Up this Early Again and Baccalaureate Mass
Hoodies, sunrise, and best friends :)
Since my first year at SMC and as long as I've been friends with Kathleen Katie Po McNally and Katelyn Kate Sassylady Whitman, we have always had this pact to go across Rt. 15 and watch the sun rise. The thing is though, in four years, we never did it. So, of course we remedied that by going during senior week!! Kate, Po, and I left for the view at 5:15 (5:17 if you ask Katelyn Whitman, since I was late looking for my shoes- hey, it was early and my closet was disorganized from packing, what can I say?) We found a nice rock to sit on and it was an absolutely beautiful experience (even though I was quite cranky that morning) and I loved being able to spend time with these two wonderful people who have been such a huge part of my life. 

Later that day, we had our Baccalaureate mass, which I was able to serve at as both a lector, Responsorial Psalm leader, and sing in the choir. The day was absolutely gorgeous, but to tell you the truth, I was super hot and my feet hurt a lot. Lectors were asked to wear their robes to mass and let me tell you, they were hot!! I also decided to break in my graduation heels, which until Marci gave me insoles to make my shoes fit properly, were hurting quite a bit (I was also afraid I'd fall flat on my face during mass, but I digress) Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch. I was especially thankful for my beautiful friend, Sarah Carilo, who kept me calm the whole day and having the chance to say good bye to some of my amazing choir community friends, Donna, Becca, Matt DeLuca, and the Osborns.
Sarah and I before mass!!

Campus Ministry!! Fr. B, Po, myself, Jay, Anna, and MM!!

The Big G Word... Getting my Degree!!
On Sunday, May 11th, 2014, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree. It's still so weird for me to say, but after four years of hard work, myself and my fellow classmates did it!!
The girl who has been with me, craziness and all, since day one- Bri!!
Mary Alice and I!!

My favorite classmate and best friend, Abbey and I!!

Got my degree on Mother's Day, so it was my gift to these two- myself, my mom, and Annie!!

Overall, it was a crazy wonderful week, something I will never forget. All of these wonderful memories culminated the perfect end to my senior year and last days at SMC. 

Well, there's one more blog post left to go, so please check back for a very special Life of a SMC Girl goodbye on Sunday!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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