My SAT scores are lower than I think most accepted SMC students send in. Would it be ok to not send my SAT scores if my overall average is a B+?

Take it from someone who got good grades, but was awful at standardized testing, SAT's are just one test and shouldn't define you as a student. I definitely think you should only send in what you think will best portray you as a student- grades, sports, extracurriculars, community service etc. SMC is really about seeing the whole picture, just not focusing on one aspect and as you probably know, SMC is SAT optional, so if you don't want to send in your SAT scores, you don't have to. My advice? Do what you feel is right. You don't feel comfortable with sending them, then don't and no one will penalize you for it. The College App is about highlighting what makes you a good student for the college to have, so send in what will make that possible!! Hope this helps and so much luck to you :)

Do students go into downtown often, is it easy and how late can they stay until the last bus comes to take them back to smc? thanks a bunch alex!

Absolutely they do!! It is so easy to get into Burlington, mainly because our Knight Cards allow us free busing on any CCTA bus, so you'll always see many SMC students in Burlington, especially on the weekends, because of this. The #2 Essex Junction bus, which is the one that stops right in front of campus, takes us straight to Church Street, aka my favorite place to shop and eat :) The last bus on week days is usually 10 and on weekends it's 12, so it's really convenient as well!! Here is the link to the bus schedule if you want to check it out :) 

With the knight card and unlimited meal plan, does that mean i can go into alliot between classes lets just say and grab a quick snack or something?

Sure you can!! You can go in 10 times if you wanted to and you wouldn't be charged extra, since our unlimited plan is included in our board. Usually, I go in for lunch and dinner and then go in before class to fill my coffee mug. So, basically, you won't be paying for a separate meal plan, meals per week, or anything like that. Go in as many times as you want and enjoy :)

How does knight card work?

Oh what an awesome question!! The Knight Card... well, it's kind of like our everything as a SMC student!! So, the knight card is your id- it gets you into any building that has a card sensor (until 11 and then it's just your building) it is swiped for our unlimited meal plan into Alliot and it allows us free busing on any CCTA bus, it is like our library card when you want to check things out from the library or LLRC, and is it like a debit card, where you put money in your Knight Card account, either online or at our Knight Card office on the 2nd floor of Alliot so you can do laundry and buy things at our two cafes and vending machines. You can also use your knight card debit outside of campus at any participating restaurants or shops as well.
The Knight Card is truly amazing and offers so many things, so hope this answers your question :)

Would you recommend going to an open house?

I definitely would recommend going to an open house!! I went to a lot of open houses before finally settling on SMC because they're really the best way to get that "feeling" of belonging. It's a chance to step into the shoes of a student- meet professors, sit in on a class, eat lunch in the cafeteria, talk to current students, and just re-examine everything- I can guarantee you won't regret it :) If you want to attend one of our open houses, I would recommend calling 800-SMC-8000 for more information- good luck :)

Have you participated in the work study program at SMC? If so what sort of jobs are there and can you choose a job?

I actually have not participated in the work study program, but I know how it works!! Usually, you have to be notified by SMC's financial aid department that you have received work study. From there, usually they'll ask you want you're interested in or what work experience you have and then assign you from there. For example, if you have experience babysitting or working with children, you may be assigned to work at the SMC Children's Learning Center. You can also request a certain department to work in, but it's up to financial aid where they assign you. Really, there are so many work study jobs- whether it be in a certain department (ex. Bio, Psych etc.) aiding the professors, in one of our offices such as Career and Personal Counseling, Registrar, Res Life, Campus Ministry, and MOVE, working in the Library or in Ross, or even working at the Day Care, there are so many options :)

Is there a laundry room in every dorm or do we have a laundromat someplace on campus?

Yes, there is a laundry room in all of the dorms, so you never have to go outside of your dorm to do laundry :)

Honestly, what is the food like at SMC?

Personally, I think it's good. In Alliot, there is a lot of variety offered every day- from specials to our usual grill, international (where they usually have some type of stir fry), our vegan/ vegetarian option, pasta bar, pizza, soup, salad bar, and of course, dessert bar. You also have the other Knight Card swipe option of going to Sloane on North Campus, which houses Knights at the Round Table, SMC's little restaurant, where you make reservations, get to choose from different options from the menu, and get served which is pretty cool and delicious as well. The Knight Stand, which costs money, is always great too- serving wraps, salads, and sandwiches. Overall, you'll always find something that you like :)The meal plan is also unlimited, included in your board. It basically means you can go into Alliot (our main cafeteria) as many times as you want throughout the day and not get charged extra, which I absolutely love :) 

Is there anything incoming students should do during the summer that will make the college transition smoother?

That is such a terrific question!! My main tip- try to get involved with the things that SMC offers enrolled students. What I would definitely do first is to become a member of the Class of 2017 facebook page if you haven't already. It's a great way to get in contact with many students in the class of 2017 and discuss everything from dorms, Burlington, and just how much you love SMC :) Knight Chats are also a great way to talk to SMC students have gone through this before and can give you tips for getting quickly adjusted to college life- we'll be having a couple throughout the summer, so I'll be sure to let everyone know the dates on my blog when I know them!! Second, I would recommend going to one of the 3 Class Registration Days/ Preorientation weekends in July. It's really the first contact you have with some professors, faculty, and students who will be going through the same thing as you come- plus, it's a great way to know familiar faces on move in day :) You'll receive a lot of information regarding things you need, signing up for programs etc. in your Student Guide which should be coming sometime in May. 

I was wondering if the fitness facilities are open for use by all students, or just student athletes?

SMC fitness facilities are open to all of the Saint Mike's students!! While the student athletes do spend a great deal of time working out there, many people who don't play sports (including me ;) can go to work out there too :)

I was recently accepted to SMC but I still have two or three other schools in the running, so I guess I was just wondering what sets SMC apart from the rest. What does SMC have that no other school does?

First, please accept my many congratulations on your acceptance- that is terrific news!! To tell you the truth, I was the exact same way. I had three top schools, one of which was SMC. I hadn't really even decided what school I wanted to go to until one week before the May 1st universal registration day for colleges.
When you look at colleges, you basically get the same tour of the buildings, the dorms, the cafeteria etc. Sometimes, it's hard to differentiate which school had which thing. For me, I was looking for a second home- a place where I could be accepted for myself, meet generous and welcoming people who were diverse, but shared many of the same interests I did. A place in a great location, where I could go into a great city, but still spend most of my time on campus, because there is so much to do. where I could prosper as a student and as a lover of service.A college with a lot of school spirit at sporting events and club activities. I wanted a place that my professors would get to know not only my name, but me as well. I found all of this and more at Saint Mike's. Some schools say that you enter into a community when you become a student. At SMC, you enter into a welcoming family and live at a place that will have the means and the support to help you do anything you want to pursue.

My advice is to pick the school that when you step on campus, you get the feeling of belonging there. I visited SMC on a rainy day after driving 7 hrs all night and still, I knew it was where I wanted to spend my next 4 years growing as a student and as a person :)

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