Monday, November 15, 2010

Hopping to the IHOP and the UMall!! (A Very Educational Experience ;)...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!
I hope you are all having a terrific day!! This past week was really stressing me out. I had to go to a presentation by Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders (it was really great by the way, I'm glad I went), a big Psych Quiz, and registration for classes on Friday.
I was freaking out!!
Would I do well on my Psych quiz?
Would I get all the classes I wanted?
Would I be taking enough credits this semester?
Would I have enough time for everything?
You know what sounds comes to mind when I think of my past week?
Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Argggghh!! Blehhhblaah!! (I bet you can tell how stressed I was lol ;)
You know what was great though? That I had the support of my SMC friends throughout it all.
My friend, Liz, and I, got up early with our brewing cups of coffee to register, and we got all of our classes!! I then texted my friend, Marci, to see if she had gotten into all of her classes- she did too!! YAY!! When I was studying this week, my wonderful friend, Taylor, gave me so much support, letting me know that I could get through it. With a 44/50 on my Psych quiz and getting in to all the classes I wanted, things were looking up.
All around, it was a really great day :)
Sometimes, we all need to treat ourselves. After a hard day or week, we need to find a time where we can do something for ourselves. So, since I knew this week would be one of those weeks, I said to myself, "Hey, I want IHOP!!"

So... I went of course to the UMall, to go on an adventure to IHOP :) (Can anyone resist yummy pancakes and delicious omelette's? I think not!! ;)

The UMall Directory (don't the decorations get you in the holiday spirit?)


So Taylor and I headed for the #2 Essex Junction bus stop, right in front of our campus. One of the wonderful opportunities we have at SMC is that with our Knight Card, we can ride any of the CCTA buses for free- how awesome is that!?!

The #2 took us to Cherry Street (right next to the famous Church Street, for those of you familiar with Burlington) and then we took the #1 to the UMall, which is in South Burlington.
Overall, it was a short trip and once we got off the bus, Taylor and I walked to IHOP to meet our great friends, Abbey and Mary. I could not contain my excitement, because I was so excited to get my most favorite omelette- spinach and mushroom!! Plus pancakes= match made in yum heaven :)

My friends, Abbey and Mary at IHOP :)

We all had such an amazing time together!! Taylor and I said our goodbyes to Abbey and Mary, and we walked around the mall, going into random stores and photo booths being silly. We went into a shop that reminded me of Macy's, called Bon Ton, which I had never even heard of until I came to Vermont. I got a really cute dress for my friend from back in NY's 18th birthday, so I was pretty excited.

Taylor and I stopped by a cute little photo booth to take pictures. It was so much fun to make different faces at the camera :)

Me, trying on some aviator glasses and Taylor, getting into her inner star lol :)

Taylor and I headed back to Church Street, and had an amazing time just sitting in Starbucks drinking our coffees and reading the newspaper, watching people pass by with their bags full of goodies.

My scholarly self reading the NY Times at Starbucks :)

On Sunday, I went to the 7pm Mass. Now, at Saint Mike's we never pressure you to be religious and we respect all beliefs and religions. However, I choose to go to find peace within my faith. One of the main reasons I love going is because I get to hang out with my great friends, Megan, Mary, Erika, Abbey and her boyfriend, Dylan. It is great to be a part of people who seek peace in their lives, like myself, and we always manage to have a wonderful time :)

Plus, I wasn't clumsy and didn't mess up at mass this week serving as Eucharistic Minister- SCORE!!

I know this may sound weird, but both Saturday and Sunday, feeling the slight chill in the Vermont air and seeing the sun set over the horizon was so refreshing and beautiful. Just seeing how beautiful Vermont is around this time makes me think of the holidays and love SMC even more :)
With a lot of things going on right now, I am very excited to start some new activities. After promising my friend and fellow blogger, Derek, yesterday on Twitter, I am finally going to my first LINK meeting on Wednesday. It is connected to our VITA Campus ministry, so I can't wait to see what all the great hype is about. I am also excited for the Volleyball Team's fundraiser, called, "Bumpin' for Brenna," which should be a fun time, with lots of food, activities, and even a Volleyball Team vs. Faculty and Staff game!!
If you have any questions, please never hesitate me to ask me a question or send me a comment on VYou or Formspring, or send me a tweet on Twitter. I always so appreciate them!!
Until next time, I send you my best wishes always,
Alex :)


  1. great post alex!! I loved the narration of the week, you got it all right!! (especially the stressing part lol)

  2. I loved it too :0)
    Going to IHOP brings me back. When I was in college in Providence, RI..we LOVED IHOP...we ate there all the time!!!

  3. Thank you Taylor and Mrs. Mills!! We must all do an IHOP trip together one day :)