Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Weekend...

Happy Sunday everyone!!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!! I have had an AMAZING weekend filled with so much fun- both on campus and in the surrounding area!!

A big question that I usually get on tours is, "Is there a lot to do on campus during the weekends?" The answer is yes, there is so much to do!! There are always activities on campus- whether it be socials in the dorms, theater productions, concerts, and so much more. We're also 10 minutes away from Burlington, where the lovely Church Street and Waterfront are!! I think for me, I think I do a good balance between the two. If I want to go shopping or layout by Lake Champlain with a crepe from Skinny Pancake, I can definitely do so, but if I want to stay on campus, I always know that I'll never be bored.

So, this weekend, my best friend, Marci, preordered tickets to The Hunger Games... aka I WAS SO EXCITED!! I had read the series two Christmases ago and fell in love, so when Marci asked if I wanted to go, I didn't have to think twice!! Marci and my other best friends, Megan, Kate, Mary, and I headed out around 5:30 and since we have so many movie theaters around campus, we decided to go to the Palace 9 in South Burlington.While we were waiting for the movie to start, Marci did my hair in a fishtail braid, in honor of Katniss Everdeen's signature hair style.

So... what did I think of the movie? Well, wonderful readers, IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! Action, romance, comedic- it was everything you could want in a movie and more!! We all left the movie theater wanting to see it 20 more times and wished the next movie would be out tomorrow, instead of next year.

Saturday was a day of celebration- two of my favorite first years, Alex and Merrill, who I actually met through my blog around this time last year and have become close friends since, and I were going to Friendly's to celebrate them becoming SMC tour guides!! However, what we didn't realize was that... SO MANY FRIENDLY'S HAD GONE BANKRUPT!! We ended up going to three Friendly's in Vermont, all being closed, before going to the last one open in Williston.

Alex and Merrill!!
All we kept saying to ourselves when we entered Friendly's was, "The people in Vermont are so friendly. We love them!!" Literally, the people here go out of their way to talk to you and make you feel at home. We ordered Ice Cream sundaes, which were out of this world, and then headed back to campus so we could see where Alex and Merrill would be living next year. It was so much fun and such a needed girls day!!

Later that night, my friends Katie, Maura, and KK were all coming over to join Kate, Kayley, and I to head over to the SMC spring concert. This year, everyone was so excited to have Jay Sean, the singer of songs like "Down" and "Do You Remember?" coming to campus. We all got dressed up and headed over around 8:30. Everyone had such a good time, jumping and dancing to the music and singing along to all the songs!! Overall, just a great night with wonderful friends on a beautiful campus :)

Here is a little bit of Jay Sean's "Down" from the concert!!

Now, I have to head out for my Sunday tour, but just want to say that I know this is a time for many of you that has you all nervous and excited, trying to figure out where you'll call home for the next four years. Please know that if you ever have any questions at all about anything SMC, always feel free to get in contact with me via Formspring, Twitter, or email- I love hearing from you and I'm here for you all!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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