Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So Many Events, but Just Enough Time... Part II

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!
So, I am sooo excited for this Part II of my blog post!! As you all know, this past Sunday was Halloween and I could not wait. I don't know what it is, but the fall season is just such a beautiful time, especially in Vermont. You see the leaves turning from green to vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges, start putting out gourds as decoration (well, I don't, but my mom likes too :), but most of all, my favorite part of this season is...

HALLOWEEN!! Mwah hah hah hah!! (Yes, I bet you are all thinking, Alex is preetttyy scary... not. Hahaha ;)

My roomie, Bri, and I, started two weeks ago with our dorm decorations. We put little stickers on our window of ghosts and black cats, and tried to but black and orange streamers around our door, but unfortunately, we kept shutting the door on them and they kept breaking :( It was okay though, because we decided instead to put up some Halloween posters on our door. My 4th floor Joyce girls did so many cool things to their dorms in preparation for Halloween- black and orange lights, paper cut out ghosts, and even orange Caution tape, were really common to see on our floor- Saint Mike's definitely gets in the spirit of holidays!!

These are the little stickers on the window of my dorm- so cute!!

Last Friday, my friend, Taylor, texted me that we should definitely go to the VITA, SMC's campus ministry, pumpkin carving. I was so excited and ran to sign us all up for it.
But... there was a problem. I had never, ever, carved a pumpkin before!!
Yes, I know, that's totally weird. Well, my dad used to carve our pumpkins when I was little, but once I got older, my mom always used to buy me a painting kit, so I could paint my pumpkin with silly and scary faces. I was always happy each year doing this with my pumpkins :)
So, I was so excited that Saint Mike's was offering a lot of ways for the students to get in the spirit of Halloween. Plus, what a better place than college to carve your first pumpkin?
On Thursday, Taylor, Liz, and I headed to Eddie's lounge, in the upper part of Alliot, to meet the VITA team and carve some amazing pumpkins!! I laughed when my friend and fellow blogger, Derek, told all of us carvers that we would be going to the, "Pumpkin Patch" (aka SMC's Campus Minister, Anna Lester's office. She is one of the sweetest people :) to pick our pumpkins.
Now, I wanted a little pumpkin. Taylor and Liz kept telling me little pumpkins were so hard to carve, but I thought to myself, "Hey, well if I mess it up, at least I made a little mess than a huge one." I found the tiniest pumpkin there, with such a nice long stem and a bright orange color- it was love at first site :)
I brought my pumpkin back up to Eddie's and was sooo excited to see my friend, Abbey, had come!! She signed up late, but I was happy to share my pumpkin with her. Even though Abbey hadn't carved a pumpkin in a couple of years, I was glad to have her expertise by my side.
So, we began carving at our table :) Liz was first, followed by Abbey and I, Taylor, and our friends, Gina and Carrie.
Gosh, carving is a messy messy job!! From cutting the triangles, to scooping out the insides- it's definitely a bit difficult. I was having so much fun laughing and perfecting the pumpkin with Abbey though- we would each cut half of each triangle so it could be our pumpkin equally.
Once we washed our pumpkin up- Abbey and I discovered...

We had the CUTEST pumpkin ever!! So, we named it Cutie :)

Here is Abbey with Cutie :)

Here's Liz, with her happy pumpkin :)

Uhh... I think Taylor is getting a little too knife happy with her carving- you can tell I'm scared lol ;)

I loved going to this VITA event. I think what I liked most though was how many of us Saint Mike's Students came together to laugh, share tips and ideas about pumpkin faces, and just have a terrific time bonding over this great holiday and season.

So, to end my post today- I'm going to let Kim Kardashian (my Halloween costume this year :) say good bye!!

Please never hesitate to send me a question on Formspring or send me a tweet on Twitter- they really do make me smile :)

Until next time I send you my best wishes and hope you all had an amazing Halloween!!
Alex :)

PS- To all my perspective student readers, you guys should definitely check out the live video chat tomorrow, November 4th, at 3pm EST, to have your questions answered by some of our amazing student bloggers and Admissions Counselor, Jeremy Brown. To learn about it, just read my last post.

Also, there is going to be a Knight Chat tonight at 7:30pm EST for all High School Senior Saint Mike's Book Award winners. I'll be there, with a couple of my terrific student bloggers, to answer any of your questions. This was actually the chat that really started my love of SMC last year, so I would love to see you there :)


  1. I love the picture of the ghosts with Alliot in the background! Great photography, Alex!

  2. That little pumpkin is ADORABLE!!!! Next year I am going to carve a little one too :)
    So glad you guys had fun...

  3. Thank you, Mrs. Mills!! I'm so glad you like Cutie :)