Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To The Moments That Make You Smile at SMC...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Today, I don't really have something specific I want to speak about. Today's blog is more about the things in your day that make you smile :)

Now, most people who know me say I'm constantly smiling. I have even been given the nickname of Smiley by some of our kind workers at the Knight Stand. Eh.. that's somewhat true ;) Smiling is something that just brightens your day naturally and makes your day better. The reason why I smile though is because I just naturally like to brighten people's day.

Every day is not going to be great day, a good day, or even an okay day. We all go through those times where we woke up on the wrong side of the bed, woke up late for a class and started panicking (me, last Monday, sleeping until 10:20, when my Psych Class is at 10:30... oops ; I made it just in time though!!) set yourself up to think your day is going to be full of business and frustration, or just feel down in general. It's like there is nothing to smile about and you count the minutes until the day is done and you can go snuggle up in bed.

Even though I'm a bubbly person, I definitely have these days too. However, I never let my bad day get in the way of helping others. A simple smile, kind wave, a little help with a hard topic in class, or a big hello across Alliot, can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

I smile especially when I'm having some great adventures with my friends, Taylor and Liz. Going to Mass with my friend Abbey and our hysterical convos before mass begins. Talking about NCIS marathons with my friend, Megan, and watching Amazing Race with my friend, Marci. Having a great dinner with my friends, Kayley and Erin. Attending the fabulous events that SMC offers, such as Midknight Madness, Friday Knight Dry, and watching Peace and Justice speakers. Working with my little friend, Yousef, as a part of my community service component of my Peace and Justice class. So many things that, when I'm down, I remember how lucky I am to smile about.

I always think back to the saying, "When you give, you shall receive." It's one of my main motto's of life. Giving is one of the most amazing things you can do for someone. Even if you don't get anything in return, you can be proud that you did something good for someone else.

Here at SMC, we do a lot of giving. First of all, we give respect and kindness to one another. We also have so many activities on campus that give back to our entire community. Whether you love playing sports or campus ministry, a representative of your school government, a certain major or minor, a supporter or a part of the LGBT community, a community service activist, or just a person who wants to show others how much they love their school, everyone at Saint Mike's is constantly supporting each other, giving back, and helping make tomorrow a much brighter day :)

To all my readers today, smile, because you can make a difference in your life and others.

Never hesitate to send me a question on Formspring or a tweet on Twitter- you would definitely be making me smile :)

Also, to all my Prospective Student and Parent readers, I just found out from our Assistant Director of Admissions, Jeremy Brown, (you might have seen him at the College Week Live video chat that I told you guys about last week :) the last fall Academic Preview day is this Saturday, November 13th from 12:30- 3:45. It is such an amazing opportunity to learn more about Saint Mike's, so I would definitely recommend going if you can. Click here to learn more and register :)

Until next time, I send you all my best wishes and of course, smiles!!
Alex :)

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