Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 S's: Semiformal and Study tips at SMC

Hi everyone and Happy Tuesday!!

So, I just got back from taking my first college final ever. It was very reasonable and I had a great teacher (shout out to Father David :) so I think I did well (keep your fingers crossed though ;)

My stressed studious student face :(

These past two weeks have been based around 2 S's- getting ready for the VITA Snowflake Semi formal and of course, studying for finals. It is so important when you go to college to really balance your time and make sure the procrastination bug does not get in the way of some good studying.

Saturday, the day of the Snowflake Semi formal, I unfortunately developed a very bad stiff neck, which still has not gone away. However, I wasn't going to let that get in the way of my fun time. As I told you all in my last post, I was going with my friend, Kayley. However, what a great surprise when I found out that my friends, Liz, Katie, Maura, and Kate would be coming with me too :)

We all got ready in my friend, Taylor's room. She was like my little fairy godmother of the day :) After doing my makeup and getting me all ready, we were all off to the Semi formal!!

Taylor aka my little fairy godmom, doing my makeup for the semi formal :)

My friends!! Kate, Kayley, and me :)

Us in our dresses :)

Me and my date, Kayley- we had such a nice time dancing and hanging out together :)

My very pretty friend, Maura and me :)

Overall, it was a really great time to get together and meet new people in Campus Ministry. Afterwards, I headed to my terrific friends, Megan and Katie's room to play Wii Just Dance with my other friends, the 2 Mary's, Marci, Kayley, Taylor, Nate, and Mich. It was a great way to take some time out of studying to have a nice time with friends :)

As this week is the hectic time of finals, I wanted to give my readers some of my tips for studying. Each of us have our own unique way of absorbing all that information, but I know these things always work for me.

1) Don't put yourself down: if you already set yourself up for failure, then you are not going into the test trying your best. I am definitely guilty of this sometimes, but lately, I have just told myself that I need to be happy knowing that I have tried my best and have done all that I can do.

2) Don't just glance at something and think you'll remember it: As a Psych major, I have learned about the process of encoding, storage, and retrieving. So, if you just glance at everything, you're not going to be able to put the information into your long term memory and remember it for the exam (hmm.. I wonder if I showed this to my Psych professor right now, he would exempt me from the final because I used psychology in my blog- hahaha probably not ;)

3) Take a break: this is another thing I am usually guilty of not doing. Cramming too much information in your brain is just going to wipe you out. Make sure that you take 10-15 minutes out of studying to make yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and just breathe, reflecting and absorbing on what you have learned. It really allows you to focus on what points you really know and the ones you need to keep looking at.

4) Talk to friends- they make the world of difference: Yesterday, when I didn't have finals, I made sure to text my friends Megan, Abbey, Katie, and give a hug to my roomie, Bri, just so they knew that they knew I was thinking about them and hoping they did well. Friends are here to support you, and when you really need them, they will give you that extra boost of confidence you may need to get you through your tough exam.

So, I am now about to get ready to take a nap or head to Alliot for lunch (not sure which yet). To all of you, if you are going through struggles with studying or finals, or just trying to get everything ready for College applications, I wish you so much luck and know that you are all in my thoughts this week.

Remember, if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask me a question on Formspring or VYou or send me a tweet on Twitter- they make my day!! Also, don't forget prospective students to play the Saint Mike's Holiday Contest to enter yourself to win some cool SMC gear!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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