Monday, May 16, 2011

Alex, you had a Keurig this year, right? Do you think it's wise to bring one in the fall and should I consulte my roomate about it?

Yes, I did have a Keurig this year and I'm actually bringing one next year as well!! First, I would definitely consult your roommate about bringing a Keurig. My roommate, Bri, consulted me about it before bringing it and we chose the types of Keurig cups we wanted and learned how to use it together :)
While you can always bring your coffee mug into Alliot and get free refills there (which I do sometimes too), I loved being able to have the ability to make my own hot drinks right in my room for myself and my friends at any time. If it's something you want, then I would definitely recommend it!!

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)


  1. Keurigs are also useful for making oatmeal! Just run it without putting in a K-cup. It's nice if you need a quick breakfast.

  2. What a terrific tip, thank you!! I love oatmeal, so I will definitely utilize this :)