Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Class of 2016 Residential Contract Tips...

Happy Friday Everyone!!

It feels like yesterday, I was saying, "See you later," to my SMC friends (I was not allowing anyone to say the words "goodbye" to me without bursting into tears), packing up, and leaving campus for 3 months.

You would think heading back home to what you grew up with would be easy- it's not.

I don't just miss a certain thing about SMC- I miss all of it. Well... not the homework, but you know what I mean ;) Engaging in open discussion in my classes with classmates and professors, waving to everyone in Alliot, attending club meetings, having a late night in the Durick basement and sneaking into the Durick Den (SMC's little library lounge), but most of all, hanging out with my friends, who have really made my experience at SMC go from ordinary to extraordinary :)

Now, as I come to terms with being a Junior this August, I wanted to give my Class of 2016 readers some tips on the New Student Guide, since many of the forms need to be received by June 8th.

1) Residential Contract: This is HUGE. This is how Res Life decides on how to match you up with a roommate that will be compatible for you. Best tip I can give you- be honest. Do you like to stay up on weekends to watch the sunrise? Then don't put that you don't stay up past midnight on the weekends. Are you extremely messy at home? Then don't put that you are clean or cluttered on your contract. You don't smoke and don't like smoking? Then don't say you're willing to live with someone who does. While Res Life is pretty great at matching people up, you have to remember- they've never met you and don't know your living habits. They can only base their match ups on what you put on the contract. Also, remember that if you want to request someone to be your roommate, make sure they request you as well, or you will not be guaranteed to room together. I'll always remember something that my friend and fellow blogger, Gabbi, once said on her blog when I was an incoming first year- be yourself when you come into college, don't all of a sudden change into someone new. Be yourself when answering these questions, so that you get the best out of your residential experience.

a) GREAT Housing Many of my wonderful readers always ask me what GREAT Housing is. Those in GREAT housing choose to live a lifestyle that does not involve the presence of alcohol or drugs. By checking off yes on your contract, Res Life will place you on a GREAT floor with other students who have chosen this too. In the beginning of the year, you will affirm this way of life by signing a contract.

b) Honors Housing If you've been accepted into the Honors Program, the option of Honors housing is available for you. It is a great way to meet fellow honors students, because you are placed on a floor where only Honors students live. Now, if you are a part of the Honors program and don't want to live in Honors housing, you can opt to do that too. Either way, you will get a chance to meet so many different people no matter what- SMC does a fabulous job of acquainting students through dorm social, dances, and icebreakers throughout Orientation :)

c) Wing versus Floor: Each dorm (Joyce, Lyons, and Ryan) is separated into a North and South Wing. Now, the difference between the two is that in Joyce and Ryan, one wing is boys while the other wing is girls, so 4 wings girls, 4 wings boys. In Lyons, both wings are made up of the same gender- 2 floors of girls and 2 floors of boys. Each wing also has it's own bathroom (even if you're on an all girls or boys floor, you'll still have a bathroom on the north and south wing of your floor) It is totally up to you which you feel more comfortable with :)

d) When will I be hearing back and how? You'll be hearing back about your rooming situation in early to mid July via email (so remember to make sure you have access to your SMC email :) with your roommate and all of their information, room and mailbox number. Best thing I can recommend is get in touch with your roommate as soon as you find out who it is. That way, you can start arranging things like who will bring the microwave and fridge, themes of the room, etc. Also, if you live far away from SMC, you can start shipping things to the post office since you know your mailbox.

Please feel free, if you have any blog topics you want me to cover or want to ask more questions about anything SMC, life as a First Year, or the New Student Guide, please don't hesitate to ask via Formspring, twitter, or email- I'm always happy to help :) I am so so excited to meet the Class of 2016 this August!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes always,
Alex :)

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