Saturday, June 16, 2012

College Shopping Part I- Necessities vs. Overpacking

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

It's a gorgeous day in New York today, the perfect kind of day to lay out in the sun with some friends or walk around town with some ice cream :) However, my mom wants to go shopping for college supplies.

See, I would be totally happy about this if I was picking out new bedding or accessories to make my room next year my own. Nope- we're going shopping for new egg crate covering for my bed. Quite exciting!!!!!! (I'm guessing you sense my sarcastic tone right now lol ;)

As I was moaning and groaning over this, I realized that many of you are picking out all the things you need for dorm life, which really is so much fun. Stressful at times, but really fun!!

What I was so thankful for was that the SMC New Student Guide had a "Room Essentials" page (Pg. 48 in your New Student Handbook). As an only child, it was my parents and my first experience buying college essentials and without this page, we probably wouldn't know where to start!!

The thing was though, once I bought all of my things, as is the case with many first years... I over packed. Then, whenever I was home, I just kept bringing back things I really needed, never really using the stuff I had packed in the first place. Everything just kept building up, making move out day extremely stressful!!

So, today, I thought I would let you guys in on tips to successful necessity packing :)

1) Consult Your Roommate: Now, I know your roommate assignments haven't been released yet, but once they are, it is so important to get in touch with them on what to bring. Many times this year, I saw roommates bringing two refrigerators, two microwaves, and even two tv's. While if you want your own of these things, I totally respect that. However, it can sometimes be a waste of space. My roommate, Bri, and I made sure to divide everything up. She brought the ironing board and iron, the Keurig, and the TV/DVD player. I brought the refrigerator and microwave. Not only is this a way to save money, but as was with Bri and I, a great relationship starter, since you will be sharing the same dorm for the next year.

2) There is a Walmart 3 exits Away: I know many of us (including me!!) would love to bring our whole room with us to college. However, it really isn't possible. While it is so important to make your dorm into a second home, there is a limited amount of space that you have to do that. I'm 7 hours away from SMC, so I knew I wouldn't be able to pack everything I wanted to bring in the car without having everyone squished in. So, on Move In day, I let the great O- Leaders help me move all the things I had packed in my car up to my room and then went straight to Walmart, where I picked out my bedding, my refrigerator, some snacks (a college student must have!!), a step stool for the closet area (FYI closets in Joyce and Lyons have a cubby on top of each closet- unless you are pretty tall, step stools are essential!!) and some decorations for my room. Don't be worried about packing every single thing- there are many places around campus where you can pick up extra things you may need!!

3) Storage is Your Best Friend: Whenever you talk to a current college student, they will most likely say one of the most important things to pack or pick up are different types of storage. As a First Year, I would definitely recommend some under the bed storage bins. I bought the long, thin storage bins, where I kept extra clothes. However, I know many people who chose to bring the tall and wide storage bins, which fit just fine with a bed raised on bed risers or lofted. Either way, storage is a necessity to pack when coming to college and will really help you save space, both in the car and in the dorm room.

Please never hesitate to send me a tweet on Twitter, or an email- I'm always happy to help!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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