Friday, July 15, 2011

Could you explain more about the dorm space (recommendations as far as lofting-1/2 or full,- storage, etc. Is there a difference between buildings... I'm in Ryan for instance... College shopping is well under way and I was wondering what works best :)

Absolutely I could!!
Lofting: You're right, you do have the options of a half or full loft from the lofting companies that SMC uses. Personally, either or is good for storage. Full is great if you feel like putting a futon or I even know some people who put their desk underneath the bed. Half is also reasonable because you can sometimes have things such as your refrigerator and microwave underneath. Either way you'll have plenty of space. I would definitely check out the lofting companies to see the height which you feel most comfortable with and even on move-in day they'll be in the quad setting up if you want to check them out in person. Even if you decide not to loft, I would definitely recommend bed risers, which lift your bed about 3 ft. Here are the links for lofting:
For the bed risers:

Storage: Under the bed storage is the best freshman year. Whether you use the long thin storage boxes ( or the tubby medium sized boxes (, they are must haves and the best investments in college!! They save space and having them under your bed is terrific too because it doesn't interfere with your roommates space either. For closets, I would recommend some cascade hangers, so that you can cut down on the amount of space you use for things such as clothes and shoes and you'll have plenty of room. Now in Ryan, since you have real closets and not the armoire/cubby closets that Joyce and Lyons have, I probably wouldn't go with hanging racks for shoes and thing inside the closet, but maybe one for outside of it that you could hang.

I hope I got everything!! If there's anything you want me to cover more in depth, please feel free to ask another question about it :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

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