Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Roommate Time Class of 2015!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Today is a HUGE DAY for SMC's Class of 2015!!! It's Roommate Day!!

After all the wait, you finally get the email finding out who you're rooming with, what room will become your second home for the next year, and your mailbox number (so you can get great care packages from friends and family :)

This day last year, I was unbelievably excited. It was like the excitement of college had grown even more because I was officially living in a college dorm with a college roommate and was meeting people on Facebook who were in the same dorm as me. Which of course made me think...


Cheesy, I know, but I loved being able to say, "Oh, this person is going to be living on my floor!!" Or, "Ahh I'm living in the same dorm as some of the people I've been talking to this summer!!" I believe my roomie, Bri, even made a Joyce Hall 2010-2011 Facebook group, so that everyone would get to know the people that would be living each other in the same hall a little better.

Overall, it is truly such an exciting time. So, if you haven't already, check those emails, connect with your roommate (listed at the bottom of your housing email, so make sure to scroll down) via Facebook, phone, or even writing them a letter (their phone numbers and addresses are listed for a reason :) and connect with the Class of 2015 to meet your neighbors!!

I'm so excited for you all and hope you enjoy this day to the fullest :)

Remember, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me on Formspring, email, or send me a tweet on Twitter- I'm always happy to help!!

Until next time, sending you very best wishes,
Alex :)

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