Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hi alex! you always give the best advice so here's a question for you :) do you know what the dimensions are of the windows in the dorms so that i can buy curtains? any info would be a big help! thanks!!

What kind words- thank you so much!! With dorm windows, it's a bit tricky, unfortunately. While all the dorm windows provide a great view, are pretty big, and are provided blinds, window measurements really depend on the building you're in and the floor you're on. My advice would be to buy curtains after you've settled in or even bring a tape measure with you on move-in day so that way, you can get the exact measurements for your personal window. In my experience, since there is a lot of down time on move-in day before orientation events begin, what I did was took my measurements down (well, actually my Dad did ;) and headed out to buy them that day. There are so many places around SMC to buy really nice curtains- whether it be at the UMall (Exit 14E, I-89), Church Street Marketplace (Exit 14W, I-89 ), or in Williston (Exit 12 I-89) at places such as Walmart or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Good luck :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

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