Thursday, December 1, 2011

Breaking Dawn Day!! Love Affair Part 2...

Happy Thursday everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day :) Today, while it's a bit chilly outside, it's absolutely gorgeous in Vermont- the perfect way to start December!!

So, since my last long post about my love of Twilight, I wanted to lead my wonderful readers into my Breaking Dawn day!! It actually began 3 weeks ago, when 802theapp, a great app for anyone interested in anything that's going on in Vermont, tweeted about a contest that was especially for Twilight fanatics (they probably should of said "Aka Alex Byrne" haha!!) My best friend, Marci, tweeted the link to me, so of course, I just had to take it!!

To top it all off... 2 free tickets to see the midnight premiere in Williston. Umm... YES!!!!!!!

Even though there were some pretty tough questions in there, I was pretty sure I got all 6 correct. I made sure all of my suitemates played it too, just so we would have a great chance at winning. I was so anxious (my wonderful readers know what a worrywart I can be sometimes ;) and I could not wait to hear the next day when the results were revealed.

Finally, Thursday at 5 o'clock, Marci and I were walking back from the St. Edmund mass to grab dinner in Alliot, when... I GOT AN EMAIL FROM 802 THE APP SAYING I WON!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!

It was sooo exciting!!! I jumped around, did my excited dance all around our usual table in Alliot (not too many people stared hahaha!!), and screamed.


Plus, even better news- Megan won too!! So, on Thursday, Megan, Kayley, and I headed out to the Holiday Inn on Shelburne Road (2 exits away- Shelburne is 13 and SMC is 15 on I-89 :) to pick up our tickets. To top it all off, we got free t-shirts too and I have to say, there's nothing better than a free t-shirt!!

Megan and I with our 802theapp T-Shirts!!
On Thursday night, Megan, Taylor, Kayley, and I all threw on our best Twilight clothing (actually, I had a scare because... I DIDN'T KNOW IF I HAD ANY TWILIGHT CLOTHING AT SCHOOL!!! The horror!! I did find a New Moon T-shirt I owned though, so all was well :) and at 10pm we headed out to the Majestic 10 Movie Theater in Williston (now, that's 3 exits away from SMC and has some of the best outlets for shopping!!)

Well, actually, we went to Walmart first to buy candy and soda. I know, I know, probably shouldn't have been sneaking that into the theater, but prices at the concession stand are so expensive and as a college student, you learn to live on a budget. It was the best though, because the Walmart is right near the movie theater. Our cashier was so kind and we got into a whole discussion about Breaking Dawn once she noticed my T-shirt- I love the people in Vermont :)

So, we got our tickets and headed into the theater, which was playing Twilight trivia. Of course, right as the movie was about to start, Kayley and Taylor went to the bathroom!! Megan and I began frantically texting them to get back, but thank goodness, they rushed back in just in time :)

Anyway, as an expert, the movie was pretty close to the book. Soundtrack was amazing (definitely recommend all the songs :) the wedding... sigh. A girls dream :) I will warn you that it is a bit gory at some points, so if your squeamish at blood, then run out 20 minutes before the movie ends. Oh and stay tuned after the credits- there is a special extra scene!!

Megan, me, and Kayley, all in the theater waiting for the movie to start!!

Hahahaha me and Taylor (and her cell phone) being silly :)
Taylor, Megan, and me :)

Me and the Breaking Dawn Poster :)
It was an amazing night- as you all know from my last post, Twilight has been a part of my life for a long time, so getting the chance to find not only amazing friends at SMC, but also friends who love something that you love too is one of the best feelings in the world. I was so lucky to have this opportunity given to me and to simply put it, I'm just so thankful for the wonderful family you find at SMC :)

If you have an questions, please never hesitate to get in touch with me- I'm always a formspring, tweet, VYou, and email away and I love to hear from my amazing readers!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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