Tuesday, December 20, 2011

would you recommend using an ipad or laptop for taking notes in class, and other course work? because i have both, which would be easier and more funtional? thanks <3

Great question!! Okay, so it totally depends. First, I'd definitely recommend speaking to your professor before you bring in a laptop or Ipad- some professors are absolutely fine with it, some would rather you take notes via notebook or binder. Once that's cleared, I definitely see the benefits in both. Of my friends who have Ipad's, they actually have their textbooks downloaded into it as well, so it's great to not have to lug them to class. If you're quick on the touch screen, then I think that's a great choice. Me personally? I'd bring the laptop- even though it's definitely heavier than the Ipad, I'm a much quicker typist with the manual keyboard, so I can keep up with the Professor!! My advice is to definitely see what you feel more comfortable with- maybe try writing something and see which works more efficiently and quickly for you. Either or is a great option!! Good luck :)

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