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Preparing for SMC Registration Day #smcvt Class of 2017!!

Hey everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!! I'm personally very excited (as usual :) to be talking to so many of the amazing SMC Class of 2017, helping them be prepared, calm some nerves, and of course...


What I think is so terrific is that many first years are asking terrific questions. Some of the most commonly asked questions have been mainly about the registration days, which are starting this Friday (ahh so exciting!!) What I thought I would do today is talk a little bit about the process you'll be going through and tips for planning classes for the fall semester.

Registration day is probably one of the first of many, "Hey, I'm here on campus and I'm actually a student and AHH I GET TO MEET FUTURE FRIENDS AND FACEBOOK FRIENDS AND MAYBE EVEN MY ROOMMATE!!!!" moments you will have. Aka SO EXCITING!! Remember- don't be shy!! Everyone is going through the same nerves and excitement as you!! Take it from an initially shy girl like me- it's always better and so much easier to go through a huge experience like registering for classes and going on a pre-orientation weekend with people going through the same thing as you rather than alone. Once you meet people, it becomes so exciting that you begin to forget why you were shy in the first place!!

In a quick summary, as you've seen on the Facebook Class of 2017 page, there are awesome and very helpful First Year Fridays videos being made. This one is from last year, but is still extremely helpful. It's all about the things you'll be going through some of the things you'll be doing on your registration day, such as taking your Knight Card pic, pick classes, etc. While you won't be able to see a dorm because of the construction going on for the building of our exciting new Quad Commons, you'll get to be on campus, which is most important!! You'll get a great laugh from this it as well :)
 Tips for Registration:

1) Your schedule will most likely have abbreviations on it for the different buildings. When I saw this on my schedule, I couldn't help but react in typical Alex way...


Thankfully, my dad went to an Admissions counselor and asked what the abbreviations stood for. Thanks Dad!! So, here is Alex's guide to SMC abbreviations:

STE: St. Edmund's Hall (Shout out to 2nd floor St. Ed's- any Psych majors home for the next four years!!)
SCI: Cheray. If you are a science major, this will be the building you will be in most of the time. Tip #2 1st floor is Physics, 2nd floor is Chemistry, 3rd floor is Biology. It's entrance right next to Cafe Cheray.
JM: Jean Marie- It's what I like to call the "middle building" because it's in the middle of the beautiful academic quad!!

Great thing about SMC Academic buildings? They're all connected!! So, you never have to walk a mile or get lost getting from building to building. It's literally the easiest thing to go from building to building and never even have to go outside!!

Picking Classes

Now, deciding what classes you want to take is extremely important. You want to design a schedule that not only meets the 4/4 and LSCs, (4 classes per semester, 4 credits per class) but a schedule that also interests you- maybe a First Year Sem or a random class that sounds cool!! As a student like most of you, I can personally that nobody wants to take a class that's boring or something they're not interested in. That's what's so amazing about college and SMC in general- the classes and professors are amazing and want you to learn!! They want you to take something out of their class that was interesting that you learned and bring it into your life or even a random conversation in Alliot!!

What I would definitely recommend is DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO PICK OUT YOUR CLASSES!! Look at the course catalog and do a list of first and second choices. Go to Knightvision, check out the times/ days you'll class will meet, and then go from there. You really want to take Peace and Justice, but have only 10 minutes between your next class and don't feel comfortable rushing? Don't take it and instead take a different section or class. Can't figure out what you want to major in yet and think you're just going to take some LSC's that you're not sure of? Don't.

You'll also have a temporary adviser for the day who will help you out with any questions you may have.

My advice? You know you. You know what you can handle and what you can't. You know what you like and what you don't. College is about exploration, branching out, changing your major three times until you're happy, and taking a random class that you can't even pronounce, but the description sounds so cool!! It's about meeting professors who want to make a difference in your life by teaching you what they're passionate about and want to make you passionate too, helping to guide you into the student you want to be.

Me? I chose my Fall Semester Freshman year to do my First Year Sem (shout out to Peace and Justice) because I sort of wanted the safety blanket of having a class with 14 other first years who were going through the same thing as me. I took my Spanish and Religious Studies course because it took care of two of my LSC's and Gen Psych because it was a requirement for my major.

I would definitely recommend, if you can, creating a balance of classes. If you know your major, take one class in that field. If you want to get one or two LSCs out of the way, do it. If you want to explore what you're interested in, that is totally fine. There will be professors there who are there to help as well, so if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. It's your schedule, so it's up to you what you want to do!!

Trust your gut and intuition and you'll already be on the right path- I guarantee it :)

If you have any questions at all, I'm always happy to answer them!! Never hesitate to shoot me an email, send me a question on, or a tweet on Twitter- I love hearing from you.

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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