Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Importance of the @SMCBlogs Family...

Happy Saturday everyone!!

At the moment, I'm slightly cold after being in what seems to be a winter wonderland outside!! It's been two weeks since I came home from SMC and I've appreciated every moment being home. Putting so much hard work into a semester definitely takes a lot out of you and it's been terrific being able to see my family, hug my pets, and of course, catch up on some much needed sleep :)

Today, I wanted to talk to you guys about the SMC Blogs Family. Since many of my wonderful readers are going through or have been through the college process- filling out the common app and supplements, getting transcripts, resumes, and college essays to your guidance counselor to be sent out, and then of course the constant waiting for your letters from schools. On top of all that, you're still trying to figure out where you actually want to call your second home...

The sound I would be making would be something like: AGSDGGDEREGDHGDFWHATAMIGOINGTODO!?!?!

Thank goodness there are many ways to figure out what you like and don't like provided by the amazing people who work in the Admissions department!! Admissions counselors, tour guides, day visit guides, alumni, random students walking to class who are willing to help you find your way- you name it, we probably have it :)

One of my first interactions with SMC was through the SMC Blogs page. Being 7 hours away from SMC, it was difficult to take the journey up there for myself and my family, but we were able to go the summer before my Senior year. What I love about being both a tour guide and a blogger is that they both compliment each other so much!! You have the ability to spend a day on campus and then get to follow different blogs online. It's sort of like a constant continuation of putting yourself in a current students shoes. As a Book Award recipient, I had received a folder with all different kinds of information about SMC. One of which was a pamphlet on SMC Blogs. I was interested in checking the page out and I'm so glad I did!! I began reading Gabbi's blog, who at the time was a first year going through the same exact things I would be going through the next year. I loved how honest she was and how through her blog, I was like I was getting the chance to see everything that my tour guide had told me about like the Halloween dance, floor meetings, classes, eating in Alliot, etc through a pictures and descriptions.

When I was chosen to be a SMC blogger the summer before my first year at SMC, I may or may have not screamed and danced all around my house saying, "I'M A SMC BLOGGER WOOOOOO!!!" (If you guessed yes, then you are absolutely right hahaha :) My first meeting, I had a chance to meet the TERRIFIC team, including Gabbi, who I was sort of starstruck meeting (it's so funny now because she's our amazing SMC blogs leader and my friend :) Of course, I met Marci too!! Marci and I were the only two girl first year bloggers and after our initial meeting, Marci messaged me her number and if we could hang out. I was so unbelievably touched and excited that I of course jumped at the chance. Three years later, she's not only my roommate and SMC's Tour Guide Coordinator, but most of all, she's my best friend :)

What I was truly amazed about when I started blogging was that people were actually reading it!! Prospective students, parents, my high school friends (shout out to my amazing GCA girls), and even people I hadn't met yet on the SMC campus (shout out to my best friend, Megan, the first person to tweet her support when we hadn't even met yet :) were sending me emails, formspring questions, and tweets about how they enjoyed my blog and began asking me questions about SMC. It made my day that I was getting to help people!! Knowing that you have the ability to influence and help others who will be going through many of the same things as you and your family did is probably one of the best feelings in the world!! I was and continue to be so happy to receive them :)

Now, looking back on it, it seems like many of my best SMC friends are bloggers. It's even weirder to think that I connected with majority of them all before they were even in college because of the SMC Blogs and may have clobbered them with hugs when I first met them/ continue to do so during Knight Chats, Blogger meetings, in my PJ's in Alliot during Sunday brunch...

Whoops!! What can I say? I love making new friends :)

What I love about SMC Blogs is how it not only fosters incoming students to SMC, but also the SMC family in general. SMC Bloggers build a community online so that incoming students are able to expand on it offline when they get to campus. It allows you to come in recognizing some familiar faces, connecting with your roommate, and having any of your questions answered by the SMC bloggers. It also like I mentioned before, allows you to put yourself in a current student's shoes, no matter whether you're right down the road or thousands of miles away, and get some inside perspective into daily life at SMC.

So, a special shout out to my SMC blogs family-Christian, Gabbi, Marci, MOA, MP, Lauren Murphy, Lauren Kopchik, Ben, Brendan, Susanna, Emily, Sarah, Lauren Mazz, Liz, SL, Miguel Cafe, Lisa, MM, Jessica, Kayley, and Juliana. Whether we see each other every day, participate in activities together, or just say a quick hello on the way to class, you have all touched my life in some way. We may individually all share are own perspectives of our daily life at SMC, but together, we work our hardest to help students with the transition, the questions, but most of all, we show how much we love SMC and that we hope others will love it just as much as us through our various social media outlets. I am so lucky to be on such an amazing team as this one and I can't wait to add 2013 as another year that we can continue to help prospective students find their second home at SMC :)

A special CONGRATULATIONS to those of the Class of 2017 who were accepted to SMC Early Action I!! I really hope to see you as part of the SMC family in the fall!! Remember, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch with me via Formspring, Twitter, or email- I'm always happy to help!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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