Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miss Byrne Goes To Burlington...

Happy Thursday Everyone :)

One of the wonderful things about Saint Mike's is that there is sooooo much to do here. Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves to get off campus and explore what the surrounding city around us has to offer.

That's just what I did :)

This past Saturday, my friends, Taylor, Liz, Hannah, and I, decided to go on a shopping spree in Burlington. I could not wait to buy some new long sleeved shirts and jackets!! We took the #2 bus around 4pm and headed off to Church Street :)

As most have you probably assumed from my last post, I love capturing great and new moments through photos. So, of course... I brought my camera :)

Here is the #2 Essex Junction Bus, which stops right in front of Saint Mike's!!

Here's Church Street Marketplace (one of my new favorite places :) You can see Taylor, Liz, and Hannah looking at me. The theme of the day was, "Where is Alex???" I guess you could say I got a little too caught up in my picture taking and fell behind a couple of times ;)

Here is the Burlington Town Center, which has the best enclosed shopping center I've ever been to- a girl's shopping spree dream :)

Here's the inside of the mall- pretty, right?

Lol, I know, I had to take a picture of me trying on some clothes. Here's one of the shirts I bought at Old Navy. I also got a new pea coat, and a long sleeved shirt- only $50 all together with tax- yay me!!

Here are my terrific friends, Hannah and Taylor :)

After all our shopping, we went for some dinner at Bueno y Sano, a restaurant that Hannah's art teacher recommended. GOOD DECISION!!

Here's my chicken and spinach quesadilla... ammmaaazzziiinngg!!

We then headed to Crow Books, which reminded a lot of You've Got Mail's Shop Around the Corner. Here's Liz, Taylor, and Hannah looking at some books. Hannah ended up getting a poetry book, since she is an amazing poet :)

Of course, to end the day, everyone needs a little dessert, right? That's why we ended our little adventure with some of the best ice cream, Ben and Jerry's!!

I'm holding my most favorite ice cream treat, Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream in a waffle cone.

I had such an amazing day with amazing food, fun, and friends. Those, in my opinion, are some of the best things to have during a great weekend!!
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Until next time, I send you all best wishes!!
Alex :)

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