Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Back into the Swing of Things at SMC...

Happy Monday Everyone!!

While I know many of you are off due to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day today (hope you're having a great one :), Saint Mike's students just began 2nd Semester today. I had 4 classes (Philosophy, Adolescent Development, Spanish, and Research Methods I) today and woke up especially early to pick up my books at the Campus Bookstore.

Yes everyone... a day in and I'm a bit tired already ;)

I have to say that all my classes and professors seem not only really interesting, but also very interactive, which I'm really excited about!!

I got back to campus yesterday night, about 6:30, said good-bye to my parents and headed off to unpack my things, and went to mass.

To tell you the truth though, it was tough for me to come back. While I love Saint Mike's, after spending quality time with my family, enjoying time with my friends back home, and just relaxing...

I was a bit torn.

My friend, Mary Ramos, last night said it's almost if college students live two different lives. We have our college lives and our college friends, and then we have our home lives and friends. When we're at one place, we miss the other and vise versa.

However, even when I was home, I always talked to my SMC friends. I guess for me, friends are friends, no matter where they are or where they come from. Friendship never stops because of a break, but continues to persevere. I would randomly text my friend, Megan, about our love of certain book heroes and the sausage pancakes at Dunkin Donuts (we saw a commercial for it that she liked). Texted my friend Kayley to talk about the massive amounts of snow we received in NY. I would speak to my friend, Kate, about our love of "How I Met Your Mother" and penne a la vodka. I would check in on my friend Liz to see how working at the BU bookstore was going and talk to my friend, Taylor about the terrific new Twilight cup she got me. Even every Saturday and Sunday, no matter what I was doing, I would always miss watching Gilmore Girls with Taylor and my Sunday Night Ritual with my absolutely amazing friends, Megan, Marci, Katie, Mary Ramos, and Mary Cannon.

When I got back, I knew that any hesitation I had of returning was nothing but me worrying. I was going back to a place where I not only had friends who I cared for, but cared for me as well. A place of support and comfort.

A place that I call my second home.

It is always hard to get back into the swing of things. When you have a taste of something you are so used to, like going home, it is sometimes just so difficult to leave your comfort zone. Many of you prospective students will be doing just that when you head off to college. What I have to say to you is this- it is okay to have doubts, fears, and sometimes want some extra time to bond with family and friends, but what it comes down to is this at Saint Mike's-

You're leaving a home and heading to your other one :)

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to ask me on formspring or VYou or send me a tweet on twitter- I so appreciate any feedback or questions from my readers :)

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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  1. such a great post, very honest and heart-warming, loved it!!!