Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I was recently accepted to SMC but I still have two or three other schools in the running, so I guess I was just wondering what sets SMC apart from the rest. What does SMC have that no other school does?

I love this question!! First, please accept my many congratulations on your acceptance- that is terrific news!! To tell you the truth, I was the exact same way. I had three top schools, one of which was SMC. I hadn't really even decided what school I wanted to go to until one week before the May 1st universal registration day for colleges.
When you look at colleges, you basically get the same tour of the buildings, the dorms, the cafeteria etc. Sometimes, it's hard to differentiate which school had which thing. For me, I was looking for a second home- a place where I could be accepted for myself, meet generous and welcoming people who were diverse, but shared many of the same interests I did. A place in a great location, where I could go into a great city, but still spend most of my time on campus, because there is so much to do. where I could prosper as a student and as a lover of service.A college with a lot of school spirit at sporting events and club activities. I wanted a place that my professors would get to know not only my name, but me as well. I found all of this and more at Saint Mike's. Some schools say that you enter into a community when you become a student. At SMC, you enter into a welcoming family and live at a place that will have the means and the support to help you do anything you want to pursue.

My advice is to pick the school that when you step on campus, you get the feeling of belonging there. I visited SMC on a rainy day after driving 7 hrs all night and still, I knew it was where I wanted to spend my next 4 years growing as a student and as a person :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

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