Monday, February 14, 2011

The Love You Give...

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day!! This morning, I put on my red and white stripped shirt and walked to class in 45 degree weather, so I was very happy.

I have to say, I've never really liked Valentine's Day. However, this Valentine's, my first at SMC, I wanted to make a difference- for both my friends and the community around SMC.

My great friend, Marci, was kind enough to drive me to Shaw's last week so I could pick up some things for my friends. I bought everyone little Snoopy and Woodstock heart shaped boxes of candy and wrote a little note to each of my friends, letting them know how much their friendship means to me.

My friend, Taylor, and I were talking this evening as we were delivering our valentines. She said she never thought she would make such great friends this quickly. I was thinking about that as well. I mean, you read in all these books on how most people don't meet their close friends until at least the end of Sophomore year, beginning of Junior year.

But... I've made so many amazing friends in just the 6 months I've been here. I don't know what my life would be like if I hadn't come to SMC and met these great people. I find that while finding your true friends may take everyone a bit of time, I can tell you for a fact that most people at SMC are constantly encountering amazing people each day. That is probably why we are all such a big family :)

I also participated in one of the terrific activities the MOVE program at SMC gives us the opportunity to do. I signed up to go to the local Senior Citizens Home and spend my Valentine's Day with them, playing, "Kings in the Corner." I had no clue how to play it at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. My great friend, Kayley, was also playing with me and won almost every hand (she must have had luck on her side!!) Meeting and playing with such wonderful senior citizens was just a terrific experience. In the time that I spent there, they really built up a place in my heart.

I was giving love to everyone today. I gave a a heartfelt hug to the Senior Citizens I played with this evening. I showed my friends how much I loved them through meaningful letters and huge hugs. I made sure that every action I did today, I put forward love and a smile!!

Always remember if you surround yourselves with wonderful people, a loving family, and terrific friends, you will never be without a valentine :)

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Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)


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  2. You are making me cry, Alex!! Love this post :)