Monday, March 7, 2011

Even Big Kids like to Play in a SMC Winter Wonderland...

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! For this post, I'm going to bring you back to yesterday evening. I was talking to my mom and dad, hearing about how it was raining heavily in New York, but a warmer 50 degrees.

Well... that was quite a different story from the weather we were experiencing in Vermont!!

When I was heading out to Church last night, it was 18 degrees and beautifully snowing little puffs of snow. At Sunday Night Ritual, my friend, Marci, told me her mom thought we may not have school tomorrow because of the amount of snow Vermont was supposed to be hit with.
But, being me and knowing that SMC students have become amazing with dealing with great amounts of snow, I was prepared to go to class on Monday like any other day.
My alarm set off at 8:30, as usual and began my normal morning routine. For some reason though, I just got this gut feeling (you guys know how much I rely on my gut feelings :) that I should check my email.
Well, I did. Can my wonderful readers guess what my email revealed to me...? :)

SMC SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I started yipping and jumping for joy- I might have even done a little dance around my room!! (My roomie, Bri, probably thought I was crazy hahaha) While I love my academics at SMC, who doesn't love a nice snow day? :)

So right after lunch, my friends and I decided to go out and play in the snow!!

My amazing friends all ready for the snow!! Katie, Megan, Me, Kayley, Taylor, and Mary Bridge :)

Hahahaha of course the great Megan suprise attacked Taylor in the snow!!

Katie, Me, Kayley, and Megan :)

I love Kayley- she is one of the best friends I have made at SMC :)

Here we are under one of the big trees in the library lawn- we declared it our group fort for the day :) Mary Bridge and Taylor were our amazing photographers!! These girls are the best!!

It was so much fun bonding with everyone on campus- I met so many new and great people in the quad while building snowmen and loved seeing terrific tours pass by and shouting, "Come to SMC!!!"

When we came inside, we were soaking wet, couldn't feel our fingers and toes, and couldn't stop shivering. While this may sound bad, our faces were full of smiles and our laughter was contagious!!

Our winter clothes drying on Megan's towel rack :)

Plus, we warmed up with some delicious hot chocolate and had some great conversation, which always makes a day even better :)

I think one of the best feelings in the world is being in a gorgeous place, with wonderful friends, and just having an amazing time. This is what really makes SMC so special to me, no matter what season or time. It is just about being a part of a warm and welcoming place for everyone that makes it one of the best places to spend the next four years :)
Remember, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to click on my "Contact Me" tab and get in touch with me via Formspring, VYou, or Twitter- I love hearing from my wonderful readers!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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