Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Got the Acceptance... Now What?

Happy Sunday Everyone!! I just finished my first week back after the Spring Break. While I loved going home, seeing my family, and getting lots of extra sleep, I really was missing being at SMC. I missed seeing my friends at 5 o'clock dinner in Alliot, running to my friends, Taylor and Liz's room at 11pm for a late night hangout before bed, and seeing my classmates in the halls of St. Ed's (where all of my classes are this semester!!) Once I got back, I knew I was in for a busy week with my academics and activities. Luckily though, everything went extremely well. The housing process, which I was most worried about since this was my first experience with it, went great!! I am so excited to be living with my 7 best friends at SMC- Marci, Megan, Kayley, Mary, Taylor, Katie, and Allyson, in a honors suite in Pontigny Hall next year and were already planning how we're going to set everything up :) I also found out I was accepted into the Tour Guide Program here at SMC, which I am truly honored and excited about!! One of the best parts of my week though was congratulating and reaching out to the Class of 2015 through the Class of 2015 facebook page the accepted students Knight Space, and this past week's Knight Chat!! Seeing how excited people were about being accepted to SMC and even already sending in their deposits made me extremely happy :) The other day, I was just thinking back to my senior year self. I was so stressed, waiting to hear from colleges. I would be very excited when each new shiny envelope would come in the mail and I would anxiously open it to see what it said. Then when the merit scholarship envelopes began to come in as well, the comparisons began of who offered the best aid to me. However, once I had gotten all 8 letters of acceptance in the mail, I didn't know what exactly to do. Now... was decision time. When I was visiting colleges before I had applied to them, it was just a, "Oh, I might apply to this college," kind of visit. Then, the stressful process of college apps, and waiting to hear from each college to hear their decision. Now though, it was totally different. My next visits would be, "Can I see myself here for the next four years??" Many of you are going through this right now. Trying to narrow down your top schools, re-visiting them to see what made them stand out to you, and just hoping that you'll get that feeling that you are meant to be there. I recommend to all of you- examine. Examining everything is extremely important when choosing a school. Interested in a particular major or minor? Get in contact with a professor within the department who could give you more information about how the program is set up. Interested in a sport? Call a coach who you could set up a day visit with and get a chance to play with the team, seeing how you might fit in. Even something like if you want to know how the food is or how long it will take to get to class from the dorms- go to an Accepted Students Day and step into a day in the life of a college student. When you send in that deposit by May 1st, you want to send it in with confidence, knowing that you took the time to look into everything that interested you, making this the right place to spend your next four years. Remember, there is a Prospective Parents Knight Chat this Wednesday, March 30th. Also, please never hesitate to send me a tweet on Twitter, a Formspring or VYou question, or an email- I'm always so happy to help!! Until next time, I send you my very best wishes, Alex :)

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