Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do you do anything musical?

I don't actually, but I have many friends who do!! My friend, Kayley, is in the Wind and Jazz Ensemble here on campus (also known as the band) and they have amazing concerts every year, as well as a tour to raise money for certain charities. You can also gain your artistic experience by being in the ensemble for 2 semesters. We also have the Liturgy Choir and Band, which my friend, Marci, is involved with. You have practice once a week and perform at the masses every Sunday. If you're interested in singing, we have three amazing acapella groups- the Sleepless Knights, our coed acapella group, the Acabellas, our female acapella group (which my fellow blogger, Gabbi, is a part of) and Mike Check, our all male acapella group. They put on performances at events such as Friday Knight Dry and even have their own little concerts during Parents weekend!! There are so many opportunities to pursue something musical at SMC, even if you want to become a music major or minor!! (Music Major/ Minor) (Wind and Jazz Ensemble) (Lit Choir and band) (for more on Acapella groups)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

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