Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can You "Find the Knight?"

Hey Everyone!! I hope you are all having a terrific Thursday!! I actually just finished shadowing my first SMC tour as a tour guide and it went great :) This Saturday, (April 16th) Saint Mike's is having an Accepted Student Day for the Class of 2015 and I am so excited to see many of you there!! At this Saturday's Accepted Students Day, the Class of 2015 students and families can "Find the Knight!!" Knights will be hidden at five different locations all around the SMC campus. Clues will be posted on the Saint Michael's College Facebook @saintmichaels and @smcadmissions Twitter accounts, and one clue will be announced on Saturday morning before the Accepted Students Day starts!! turn in your found "Knights" in to the table at Ross Sports Center at the end of the day to win a $20 gift certificate to the SMC Bookstore!! So... I have a couple of clues for my wonderful readers to help you get on your Knight Path :) 1) Unscramble these letters to find the room where the knight head is hidden: one- sided glue 2) You'll find one the knight in one of the rooms mentioned in this video Good luck everyone!! I really hope that everyone has a wonderful time not only having fun finding the knight, but also exploring the gorgeous SMC campus!! Until next time, I send you my very best wishes, Alex :)

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