Saturday, October 1, 2011

SMC Family... Priceless :)

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

First, I cannot say how sorry I am for not blogging in so long. While I love being back at SMC, as any student can tell you, getting back in the routine of things, with classes and homework, activities, and taking on new leadership rolls... I'm not going to sugarcoat it- it does get a bit stressful and this month just took a lot out of me.

Now that we're entering into October, I definitely am feeling so much better. I have to say it is mainly because of the amazing people at SMC. When picking colleges, I really wanted a warm community atmosphere with friendly people.

What I got at Saint Mike's was a family.

When I got back on August 24th for orientation, I didn't realize until I hugged many of my new and old friends just how much I loved being with them. Laughing with them or just having one of our hangouts was so amazing.

One of the main reasons I recommend visiting SMC is because who ever you meet, they'll most likely hold the door for you or give you a friendly smile on your way to your dorm. It's just such a friendly place to be.

Having friends who will yell your name across Alliot because it's the first time they've seen you all day, buy you a pink flower at the organic farm stand in front of the Chapel because your room is pink themed (shout out to my wonderful friend, Megan :) Professors and staff, always having their doors open to talk to them or just lay on their couch and eat M&Ms while you vent about the day (Thank you to the most amazing campus minister ever, Anna Lester :)

In general, this really is just the typical thing you find at SMC.

Tonight, my friends and I were really acting goofy and took funny pictures- I think we were all a little stressed from studying so much for the beginning of midterm season, so we did what we did best- make each other laugh :)

Being back at SMC is like having my warm snugly blanket back again- it's my second home, and I'm just so glad to be back with such wonderful, supportive people :)

I'm definitely going to write some blogs about what I've been up to this past month at SMC very soon, since my readers know what funny things I get myself into sometimes, so stay tuned!!

Remember, always feel free to send me questions on Formspring, email, or send me a tweet on Twitter- I always love hearing back from my amazing readers!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

PS- I thought I would treat you guys to some pics from tonight :)

My favorite picture of Kayley, Taylor, and me :)

Marci is my blogger partner in crime- we met through the SMC blogs program and have been best friends ever since. She is definitely one of the funniest, kindest people I know :)
Kayley, my main bro, Marci, and I- they look so cute... I kind of look confused, I guess lol!!

Marci, Megan, and I- we became best friends through our Sunday Night Ritual gatherings and now I don't know what I would do without them :)

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