Monday, October 3, 2011

hey alex, i am curious about the global studies minor. do you know anyone doing it? or could you find out some thoughts from students about it?

Hi!! I actually don't really know anyone who is a Global Studies minor, but one of our bloggers, Tarah, is actually one!! I would definitely get in contact with her to get a students point of view- her formspring is You could also contact Professor Katherine Kirby, the professor that runs the Global Studies minor at for a teacher's point of view- best of luck to you :)

PS: Here's the website for Global Studies minors

Also, here's a response from Tarah herself :)

Hey! I just saw this post on Twitter and thought "I have so much to say about the Global Studies minor!" Definitely get in touch with me - I'm currently taking the 'Foundations of Global Studies' course and I'm actually working with a couple students and Prof Kirby to turn it into a major. You can shoot me an e-mail at or send me a question on Formspring as Alex said (

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