Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Find Your Own Star at SMC

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!! As I write to you, I'm sitting in my common room doing homework, wearing typical college gear- my comfiest SMC sweatpants and my SMC VITA t-shirt. Can you tell I love my school? Hahaha :)

This week has been a great one so far- it seems like all of my friends have had birthdays this week, so it has definitely been a week of lots of happiness and gift giving, which I absolutely love :) Classes have been going great too- I got to act in my Medieval Europe class, which was absolutely hysterical, since I am no actress, but it was an awesome to tie in what we were learning in class into having some fun- definitely something you find with a lot of the classes you'll take in college!!

Tonight, I want to talk to all of my readers about something that I think is really important for any college student- being yourself.

I'm going to take you back to when I was a Senior in high school, reading my now friend, Gabbi's blog. She always stressed about being yourself in her blogs, but I never really got it. I mean, I'm always me!!

However, it wasn't until college that I understood what she was saying. Being yourself is something you deal with every day and let me tell you, sometimes it's just not easy. Those first couple of weeks during Freshman year where you just want to feel accepted and find a group of friends who seem to like you is so tempting, that you may just become someone your not.

Don't. It's not worth it.

We're all really unique and that's what makes being yourself so awesome- I mean hey, there's only one you!!

I'm going to go all cheesy on you and quote a bit of my 8th grade graduation speech- I think it's mainly because my Dad found my 8th grade lock yesterday and asked if I remembered the combo which of course I didn't, but back to the story:

Don't compromise yourself for others approval, but find your own star. I just love that quote. It goes back to my point about being unique. We each have qualities that make us, well, us. You should never feel like you have to change yourself in order for people to like you better. We really are star like in our own way and by being yourself, you will find those people who accept and love you for it.

Me? I always like to find in people what makes them so special and bring it out in them. I'm pretty much always smiling and always ready to give a hug or helping hand. I'm in love with my main clubs on campus, VITA, MOVE, and Founders. I'm really clumsy, a big nerd, love to sing as high as I can in the shower, and have a great laugh with friends about the silliest things. Some people may not like it, but that's okay. I'm simply just proud to be me and I know I have an amazing SMC family that likes me for me as well.

Being a part of such an accepting family at SMC, it's so easy to find your way to shine- just be confidant in who you are and I guarantee you'll definitely find people who want to know you too :)

I'm going to leave you guys with a song that I've been listening to on repeat all night while writing my LINK witness talk for tomorrow- it just reminds me of being yourself, especially around your great friends and your college community :)

So, like I mentioned in my last post, I'm definitely going to be putting up some blogs about what I've been doing lately, so stay tuned!!

Remember, I am always so happy to talk to my wonderful readers about SMC, so please feel free to ask me a question on Formspring, send me a quick email, or a tweet on Twitter- I'd love to hear from you and always love to help!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes always,
Alex :)

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  1. Alex,
    I LOVED this post. I wish that every single high school student as well as college freshman could read this and take it to heart. You are wise woman, Alexandra Byrne :)
    So glad you have come into our family's lives!!
    Mrs. Mills
    PS Congrats on the Reese's PB "OSCAR" prize!!! [My favorite candy too] ;-)