Monday, October 31, 2011

Who Doesn't Like Pumpkins? SMC Pumpkin Carving 2011

Happy Monday Everyone!!

First of all, this Monday would not be started correctly if I didn't wish my wonderful readers a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, whether it be trick or treating later, eating lots of candy, going to a Halloween dance, or just dressing up in a great costume :)

Now, while you guys know about my wonderful dance experience, you know that Halloween festivities are not just on Halloween, but the weeks before as well!!

One of my favorite things about Halloween since I was a little girl was carving or painting a pumpkin with my family with funny and scary faces and then putting them in the front of my house for all the trick or treaters to see.

Since I am a distance away from home, I can't really do this anymore with my family (sorry Mom and Dad- miss you both!!) Thank goodness though I have a second home that allows me to still continue this tradition :)

Every year, VITA, which is our student run peer ministry group on campus and which I'm also a team member of, offers pumpkin carving each year for all students to get a chance to decorate their own pumpkins (no purchase necessary :) Last year, it was actually the first VITA event that I had ever gone to, which helped me meet people in VITA and eventually join. I was in charge of running it this year and since it was a really special event for me last year, I wanted to make it a really special event for others as well :)

So, at 4:30 on Friday, I set off with two of my trust helpers (and of course, best friends :) Megan and Kayley, to Eddie's, our student lounge on the second floor of Alliot. We brought up about 15 pumpkins (well... Kayley and Megan did- I kind of cheated and carried the light stuff like the apple cider, paints, and table cloths ;) We moved things around, my great friend and fellow VITA team member, Lauren, helped me put newspaper on the tables, and we were ready to go!!

While we did have a smaller turn out than expected, it really didn't matter to me- many of my friends came to carve pumpkins and we definitely had an amazing time :) Seeing everyone's scary, funny, beautiful pumpkins just made the event that much better!!

Paints and Carving materials!!

Okay, so Kayley and Megan got so into this- they were pumpkin carving champs!!

My amazing LINK first years, the lovely Merrill, Alex, and Lauren :)

Ooookay Kayley... you're scaring me here hahahaha!!

Love this pic of Megan- she was getting started on carving a cat pumpkin :)

Alex, Lauren, and Merrill, hard at work with their pumpkins!!

Three of my funniest and kindest friends- Mike, KK, and Kate :) KK and Kate had just come from dressing up as Cookie Monster and Elmo for the trick or treaters who came to SMC on Friday night :)

So remember Cutie last year? Well, my second attempt at carving my own pumpkin- meet Sweetie Pie!!

Alex, who is always constantly making me laugh and a terrific friend, finishing up her scary pumpkin :)

The wonderful Lauren- she is such a sweetheart and I'm so glad she's a part of VITA, she always has a smile for everyone :)

My Special K's- love these girls so much- KK, Kayley, and Kate :)

My amazing Merrill- she is literally one of the kindest girls, one of my biggest supporters, and I truly just adore her- can you guys guess her pumpkin design? (Rhymes with... uhh... Barry Sotter hahaha :)

Miss Elmo KK designing an Elmo pumpkin!!

My terrific friend, Mike, and his really scary pumpkin (kinda looks angry too :)

One of my best friends in the world, Kate- she is simply my hilarious, wonderful partner in crime with so many things (including VITA :) and she designed a Cookie Monster pumpkin to go with her costume :)

Suitemates- love Megan and Kayley so much and so lucky to call them two of my very best friends. They helped me out so much with this event :) We have cat, Sweetie Pie, and dog pumpkins.
Happy Halloween from us pumpkinheads!!

I hope all of my wonderful readers have an amazing Halloween and remember Class of 2016- 1 more day to get your Early Action I applications in for the the November 1st deadline!! Remember, if you have any questions at all about SMC or college life in general, please never hesitate to send me a question on Formspring, a tweet on Twitter, or a quick email- I always love hearing from you!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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