Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mission: Spread SMC Spirit and Run A Lot...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is having a great start to the week!! It was definitely a busy weekend for me, but a weekend I will never forget :)

Friday, I had a Behavioral Neuroscience test- now this is my toughest class because I'm not the best natural science student. However, I'm really lucky to have a lot of support in this class. My professor, Professor Tomasulo, is literally the nicest person and is always such a support when I get really anxious before an exam. She also follows me on twitter (don't I always say just how great and close professor/student relationships are at SMC? :) when I tweet random analogies during my study sessions with my friend, Amanda, Professor Tomasulo always acknowledges them and cheers us on, which I really appreciate!! Speaking of study sessions, it is always so easy to make friends in classes and get together. I'm so lucky to have my friend, Amanda Major, who I met last year doing laundry in Joyce Hall basement, to have study sessions with. We always come up with the funniest things to help us remember complex things and always have a random story to relate to something we're learning in Behavioral Neuro!! Overall, while I always work myself up and get worried about any test I'm taking, I feel so lucky to have so much support from both classmates and my professors :)

Friday night, I did something I would never expect myself to. My wonderful friends, Kayley, Taylor, Megan, and I went to our North Campus to visit our friend, Nate, who was on RA Duty. We hung out with him a bit, watching Friday Night Lights and then headed out. However, as we were walking around during a beautiful night, Taylor came up with the best idea!! As a Big Sister in the Little Brother/ Little Sister club we have sponsored by our MOVE program, she had taken her little sister to a park on North Campus!!

So, at 9pm on a Friday night... WE DECIDED TO GO TO THE PLAYGROUND!!

We slid down the slides...(ha, well, I fell down on my butt in woodchips after sliding off the slide, but it was all okay :) and swung on the swings, one of my most favorite things to do when I was a little girl!! It was such an amazing time with amazing friends and a night I will never forget :)

Kate and I laying out in the sun before my second tour of the day!!
Saturday... BUSY, but ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE DAYS OF THE YEAR!! It was our first Accepted Students Open House!! As you all know, being a student ambassador means the absolute world to me (something I would recommend to all college students to become!!) so having the chance to tour accepted students and their families around campus and greet the over 300 families is the best feeling in the world!! Plus, we all got new "I Like St. Mike's" t-shirts, so I was so excited to add mine to my collection of tour guide shirts. It was a gorgeous day for everyone to be on campus and I hope that many of my wonderful Class of 2016 readers who went enjoyed the day... annnnd maybe chose SMC to be their second home? (HOPEFULLY!!)

Vermont Has Talent!! Me, Amanda, Po, and Maura :)
After I got back from tours at around 5pm, I had to run to pick up my great friend, Po, and head over to McCarthy Arts Center to meet our friend Maura for the Vermont Has Talent Competition!! Our amazing friend, Amanda, was performing, "Halleluiah" and we wanted to support her. I also went out to support my fellow SMC blogger and former Miss Vermont, Caroline, who did a phenomenal job emceeing for the night!! I even got a shout out from the audience, which made my night!! Amanda did absolutely amazingly and I was so happy I could come out and see her.

Okay, this is the part of the blog where I do a mad dash to the Chapel from McCarthy:

runningrunningrunning... huff puff puff.... runningrunningrunning... huff puff puff... slowly stumble running. Huff... hufff... grumblegrumble... wait it's so close I can do it!!!!!


Hahaha, well my wonderful readers, as you can tell, I was running a bit ... late (ehh 1/2 an hr to be exact... well, fashionably late I guess you could call it :) VITA was hosting a Girls Night Sleepover in the Chapel and I was one of the hosts. It was literally the best time!! I brought my princess crown and we went around in a circle telling everyone what made them so special to us. Then, we pigged out on ice cream and watched Love Actually, aka one of my all time favs (shout out to my dad, since this our go-to Dad/Daughter bonding movie:) and went to bed...

For anyone who has seen the Parent Trap, you know you can't have Oreos without PB :)

VITA Sleepover 2012!! From top left, Amanda, Lauren, Maura, Po, Mary, Sara, me, Lauren, and Kelly!!
At 5am. Yep, you read it right haha!!
5am me- yeah, I'm quite attractive at this time... and seem to favor peace? Hahaha!!

I know everyone who has ever been to a sleepover knows that it's totally misnamed cause no one ever gets sleep. That's okay though cause what's better than talking to your friends about everything and anything until the sun rises? Pretty great, in my opinion :)

I also cooked!! Yes, my wonderful readers, me, Alex Byrne, cooked a meal!! I made breakfast for the girls- scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit salad, etc. It was the best moment of my life!!! Of course, I'm slightly exaggerating as I say this (it was actually when I... oh well, I'm losing my focus, I'll tell you that another day :) but really, I didn't poison anyone and everyone thought it was delicious, so hey- if anyone knows Rachel Ray or Paula Deen, have them give me a call ;)

I got back to my room at 10 am and yep, I did what any college student who hasn't gotten much sleep does... I took a big nap!!

Overall, my weekend was phenomenal- I know I say this a lot, but I am just so lucky to experience so many wonderful things on this beautiful campus in Colchester, VT, with my SMC family. I hope that many of my Class of 2016 readers are choosing as well to call SMC their second home in the near future. Believe me you guys, I know it's a huge decision, but remember: go with that feeling. The feeling of belonging, of knowing this is the place you want to be for the next four years. Wherever you chose, I hope you love it as much as I love SMC :)

If you ever have any questions or just want to get in contact with me, never hesitate!! I always love hearing from my readers and always ready to help via Formspring, Twitter, or email!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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