Friday, June 22, 2012

My SAT scores are lower than I think most accepted SMC students send in. Would it be ok to not send my SAT scores if my overall average is a B+?

Take it from someone who got good grades, but was awful at standardized testing, SAT's are just one test and shouldn't define you as a student. I definitely think you should only send in what you think will best portray you as a student- grades, sports, extracurriculars, community service etc. SMC is really about seeing the whole picture, just not focusing on one aspect and as you probably know, SMC is SAT optional, so if you don't want to send in your SAT scores, you don't have to. My advice? Do what you feel is right. You don't feel comfortable with sending them, then don't and no one will penalize you for it. The College App is about highlighting what makes you a good student for the college to have, so send in what will make that possible!! Hope this helps and so much luck to you :)

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