Sunday, September 23, 2012

Being Rebels in the Academic Buildings...

Happy Sunday everyone!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!! While it's been a beautiful weekend in VT, it has definitely been a bit of a stressful one, especially for myself and my friends, with tests, papers, and quizzes all week.

However, on Thursday, my best friend, Bri,said that we should plan a movie/ Chinese night for us and the VITA girls and I was totally on board. The thing was...

Where were we going to have it?

For any of my wonderful readers who don't know, the academic buildings are open until 11pm and as long as you are inside, you can stay for as long as you want doing your homework or studying. Some people even watch tv or movies in the classrooms through the projection system.

So... we decided to be "rebels" and have a movie night in Cheray 101, our only lecture hall on campus!!

We sent out a mass message, got a menu, and some movies together and headed towards Cheray Science Hall. To our surprise, so many of our VITA friends showed up, dressed in their PJ's and sweats, and ready to enjoy the night!! (Shout out to Emily, Colleen, Erica, Katie, Lauren Murphy, Lauren Loy, and Laura!!)

We ended up watching The Ugly Truth, which none of us could stop laughing while watching!! We also pigged out on some delicious lo mein and General Tso's chicken and got drinks from the vending machines right outside Cheray 101.

After the movie, we decided to also play music via youtube on the projector!! We ended up listening to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and of course, Bri, Katie, and the Laurens just had to have a sing and dance along to it!!

When we were all exhausted, everyone headed back to their dorms and said good night. Bri and I ended up sitting on a bench and just talking for a bit. Bri was my freshman year roommate and we've definitely been through a lot together which led us to become really close. She was the first person I ever knew at SMC and continues to be one of my best friends, even in our Junior year, so it was so nice to just catch up with her on such a beautiful night on the SMC campus :)
Bri and I outside of the Chapel :)

Overall, it was such a nice time to just relax and bit with some great friends. I enjoyed my time so much with the VITA girls and have been able to check off on my bucket list watching a movie in one of the Academic Buildings!! One of the most amazing things about SMC is that you're always able to do things like this- getting friends together for movie nights or big meals- it's just one of the reasons why SMC is so special to me :)

If you ever have any questions, please never hesitate to send me a question on Formspring, a tweet on Twitter, or shoot me an email- I'm always so excited and happy to hear from my wonderful readers!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)


  1. I LOVE IT! you guys are too cute. love and miss you and bri so much <3