Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paella, Surprise Parties, and a Nerdy Kid Song? Amazing SMCVT Saturday...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I'm so happy to be back on track with everyone!! Yesterday, I had the chance to meet many of my Class of 2017 readers while on a panel for this week's Academic Preview day and I was so happy to meet you all (and can't wait to see you in the fall hopefully!!) These next two weeks are definitely going to be tough for me, with midterms, papers, and lots of getting things together, but thanfully, I have just the most amazing SMC family a girl could ask for and because of this, had such an amazing weekend!!

My bff, Liz!!
Now, if you go back to my Productive Tuesday blog, you'll see that one of my goals this semester is to spend more time with many of my friends that I don't get to see as often, and one of which was Liz Murray. Now, if you would've asked me how Liz and I became friends, I wouldn't be able to tell you, but I can say that I don't know what I would do without her. She is probably one of my all time favorite people, not only because she is a fellow SMC blogger, but also an amazing friend who is constantly there for me and brightening my day. So, I was super excited when she and my friend, Amanda, invited me over to their townhouse to make a delicious homemade meal Saturday evening!! Amanda, who recently came back from study abroad in Spain, wanted to try making paella and I was more than excited to help out!! Together, Amanda, Liz, and I, with the company of our friends, Adrianna (who is also my SMC twinnie :) and Celia, made a delicious meal that I think the Spaniards would totally be impressed with (welllll... at least I'd hope so :)

What's so terrific about SMC is that we are such a big family here. While there are no kitchens in the dorms, because we form great relationships with upperclassmen, we always have access to a kitchen, whether it be in the townhouses, apartments, or the the communal suite kitchen on each floor of the suite buildings.

Later, Liz and I ended up going to Cumby's for some milk to go with the brownies we were going to make. So, of course, I had to vlog it!!

After such a delicious dinner and hilarious time with the girls, my amazing friends, Lauren Murphy and Tan Wai picked me up for our friend, Rynne's, surprise birthday party. It was Star Wars themed, so we all wore masks of Star Wars characters (I'm pretty sure I was R2D2, but wonderful readers, totally correct me if I'm wrong) and Rynne was so surprised!! We watched Episode IV and of course I fell asleep on my friend, Jeremy's comfy futon. I know, I know, I shouldn't have fallen asleep watching Star Wars. It's a fabulous movie!! I was just so exhausted from my phenomenal day that I dozed off.

When I finally woke up and said good night to everyone (shout out to Lauren Loy, Jeremy, Hannah, Mariah, Erica, Colleen, Geoff, Charles, Kristen, Katie Copp, and the birthday girl, Rynne!!) of course, Lauren Murphy and Tan Wai would persuade me to come back to Tan Wai's room to listen to their new song. Tan Wai, Lauren, Geoff, and Jeremy are big lovers of music and adore having jam sessions (for anyone interested in music, believe me, jam sessions are HUGE at SMC and you can most certainly get involved :) I was really excited to hear it!! While I can't give a lot away (you never know, they may become famous and it could become their number 1 hit single ;) it is about a nerdy boy who by the end of the song becomes the most popular guy in school and I think I died of laughter listening to it, it was just that good.

Overall, I had one of the best Saturday nights ever!! These kinds of nights are not unusual at SMC though. Living on a residential campus, we are constantly offered opportunities to make the most of our college experience, whether it be going to Burlington, cooking with friends, throwing surprise birthday parties, attending the socials offered by the RA's in the dorms, or even going on random adventures to Cumby's or Dunkin Donuts. I seriously could not have asked for a better night with some amazing friends :)

Remember, Class of 2017 readers, to join the Facebook group if you haven't already to meet fellow students (and future friends!!) and have all your questions answered by the terrific SMC bloggers. Also, never hesitate to shoot me an email, send me a Formspring question, or a tweet on Twitter- I'm always happy to help!!

Until next time, I wish you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

PS here are some pictures from my fabulous night!!

Amanda cooking!!

Liz, chopping up some peppers for the paella!!

Of course, the perfect way to make brownies is by doing the Cupid Shuffle!! Adrianna and Liz :)

Lauren Murphy and I in our Star Wars masks!!

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