Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adventures to Church Street and Birthdays in Cheray...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I hope everyone is having an amazing start to their week. I am so excited because next week is SMC's spring break and it will be my first time home in two months!! While I love my second home, I've definitely been missing my family a lot and am excited for a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of classes and activities.

Eleanor and I!!
This past week, I adventured quite a bit into Burlington and more specifically, Church Street. This semester, I've definitely been finding myself more often taking the 10 minute bus ride into Burlington, whether it be with a group of friends for the day or just for me time walking around or sitting by Lake Champlain. My best friends,Kate and Eleanor, wanted to go into Burlington on Thursday and I was of course on board!! We ended up going to Henry's Diner for lunch, which for a foodie like me, was just a dream come true and another restaurant to add to the list of all my favorites in the areas surrounding SMC. We then went to Dirt Chic, a thrift shop where Kate was able to find some jeans for the MOVE extended service trip she is going on to Kentucky (and I got an Ann Taylor Loft sweater for $8- SCORE!!) It was so great to just relax with the girls and enjoy some time away from campus.

The birthday girl and I!!
On Saturday, I was so excited to help plan a birthday party for my amazing friend,Emily!! Emily and I knew each other way before she had even stepped on campus  through connecting on Twitter and her SMC blog this past summer (and then of course when she got to SMC I may have tackled her in the Chapel after yelling, "EMILY CLEGG, HUG ME!!!" but of course that's a story for another time hahahahaha :) She has quickly become one of my best friends in the world and has been like a little sister to me. So of course, I wanted to help make her 19th birthday special anyway I could!! Around 5pm, Emily and I headed over to Kate's townhouse to cook and bake some delicious food (mac and cheese, some veggies and dip, chips, red velvet cookies and brownie cake, yum!!)  for the party, which was going to be a movie night and dinner with about 12 of our good friends (shout outs to Jake, Anthony, Ben, Taylor, Jeremy, Hannah, Lauren Loy, Laura Dam, Lauren Murphy, Kristen, and Kate!!) Well, while I didn't do much cooking, but I wore an apron, so I totally helped out!! We ended up throwing her birthday party in Cheray 111, one of our two lecture halls on campus.


We ended up eating so much delicious food, watching Shakespeare in Love on Netflix, and of course singing happy birthday to Emily and giving her a special birthday candle to remember the day. I literally could not stop laughing the whole night with all the inside jokes we came up with!! It couldn't have been more fun and I was so happy that I could spend Emily's special day with her!!

I know I say this in practically all of my blogs, but the amount of amazing opportunities here at SMC are endless and the friends that you make are priceless. It's these little things that make the college experience at SMC so amazing and I'm always so unbelievably thankful that I ended up in Colchester, VT.

If you have any questions at all, please never hesitate to shoot me an email, send my a question on Formspring, or tweet me on Twitter- I absolutely adore hearing from my wonderful readers and answering any questions you may have!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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