Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet #Mamabyrne! A Parent and Student Perspective for Class of 2017!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!! All of us at SMC are just getting readjusted after spring break and getting back to all of our class and activities. Spring break was absolutely phenomenal!! I didn't go anyplace special except my bed, my living room, and my kitchen at home, but it was just amazing to have some time to relax, refocus, and of course spend time with my wonderful family :)

So, the written portion of today's blog is going to be really short, since I'm actually going to rely on my latest vlog a lot in today's post!!

Over the past three years (what!?!) of blogging, I've loved having both prospective students and parents email me and send me questions about college life here at SMC. The thing is though, is that while I try my best to put myself into the shoes of my parent readers while answering questions they may have, I realize that I cannot fully grasp the whole perspective because I haven't been through the process as a parent.

However... someone in today's vlog has ;)

Today, my wonderful readers, you'll get to meet my mom, Yvette, also known for any of you who follow me on twitter as #mamabyrne!! I've been wanting to do an interview with my parents for a while, because
 1) I love them and I think they're pretty cool 
2) They've been through it all with me!! The college visits, tours, common apps, receiving letters, open houses... 

Yep. You name it, they've been through it. 

So, in this first of two vlogs (hopefully my wonderful dad will be in the next one when I'm home!!), you'll be able to receive both a parent and a student perspective of some typical questions that we asked as a prospective student and parent of each college we went to, some tips, and of course, what we personally love about SMC!!

Enjoy :)

I hope this was helpful for everyone!! It was a blast for my mom and I to film and I cannot wait to do hopefully more vlogs in the future with people who have helped me throughout my college process and in college now!!

For my wonderful readers, if you haven't heard already, Formspring will be ending soon. Don't worry though, because I will definitely be doing a new FAQ tab on the blog with some of the most asked questions that you can refer to and of course, still never hesitate to ask me questions via email or a tweet on Twitter!!

Until next time, I send you all my very best wishes,
Alex :)

PS of course no good video does not have bloopers!! 

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