Tuesday, April 23, 2013

#AcceptedtoSMCVT: Class of 2017 Open House...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I'm actually writing this to you in the past on Monday night (OMG what!?! First blogger, now time traveler??? Hahahahaha just kidding :) after spending some much needed best friend time with my best friend, Kate. I've been missing Kate a lot lately, as we both are so busy with activities and academics (she was actually just nominated to go to the Kennedy American Theatre Festival for stage managing "Dead Man Walking"- YOU GO SL!!) so it was really nice to just hang out for a bit.

Anyway, I had the BEST WEEKEND EVER!! Well, actually, I had the BEST SATURDAY EVER!! Why, you may ask?


Wow, hahahaha, I'm way too excited, but I can't help it!! Spring Open Houses are probably some of my favorite events of the year, mainly because I get to meet so many students who may soon be a part of my SMC family!! I started my day at around 7:30am, beginning with my usual tradition of applying my purple and gold eye shadow to show my school spirit. I headed over later with my BFF and paparazzi of the day, Miss Lauren Mazzoleni to Ross, where I decided to live tweet my day. I took pictures of all my friends and all the places I went throughout my day.

So, of course, you guys get to see it too!!
Step 1: Purple and Gold eyeshadow

Freshman year roommates and best friends- Bri and I!!

Hiiii Lisa!! 

My best friend, Emily, has been like a little sister to me even before coming to SMC, so I took a picture of her giving her first tour!!

My amazing friend, Hillary, giving her first tour!!

My best friend, Marci and I!! Marci has been through everything and back with me and I couldn't ask for a better friend :)

Mike, me, and Lauren Mazz waiting to give a tour!!
My amazing friend, Mike Brown aka Miguel Cafe :)

Oh look, it's Kate!! 

Lauren Loy and I repping MOVE and VITA at the Open House

The MOVE/ VITA team!! Heidi, Ashley, Kristen, and Lauren Loy!!

Rynne with our new friend, Jessica!!

My new friend, Kassidy!! We discovered that we are literally the same person and I was so excited to find out she reads my blog!! Adore her!!

So, even if she won''t admit it, I'm the reason Lauren Mazzoleni came to SMC... well at least one of the top 10 hahaha!! She is now one of my best friends in the world :)

The best part of the day- NAP TIME!!

Even though it was a bit exhausting, it was all so worth it because I got to meet so many of you!!(Special shout outs to Kassidy, Sophie, Jessica, and Anna!!) What I love about being a student ambassador is that I get the chance to talk to you all and have a part in helping in choosing a second home.

These next week is unfortunately now crunch time for my Class of 2017 readers. Whether you decide on SMC or not, what I always recommend is getting that "feeling" (I sometimes feel like I should trademark that saying since I say it in so many blogs hahaha!!) That feeling of knowing that you will not only receive so many opportunities and a great education, but grow as a student, friend, and leader and most imporantly, feel as though you are accepted, respected, and support. That feeling that you know that this is where you belong :)

I wish you all so much luck and please never hesitate to get in touch with me via Ask.fm, Twitter, or email- I'm always happy to help in any way I can to help make things a bit easier and send hugs via social media!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

PS If you haven't already, please join the SMC Class of 2017 Facebook page to meet future friends and classmates!!

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