Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Other Forms of Unconditional Love...

Hey Everyone!!

Hope you all had an amazing Columbus Day Weekend!! For me, it was just great to get home, see my family in New York, and just have some time to relax and hang out with my wonderful friends after a very busy week, which I will talk about more in my next blog post.

Unfortunately, this weekend was a difficult one for me. I received the news that my little cat, Gigi, who I had raised since I was 10, passed away while I was in Vermont.

I find that many people that I talk to at SMC say the same thing- they never realized how hard it was leaving their pets. I know it was extremely difficult for me. I couldn't stop thinking about how Gigi was getting very sick with dementia and what if I couldn't be there when she needed me most? Or what if my my other two cats, Freddie and Whitey (Tito B as I have nicknamed him) would forget me while I was away?

I know, you're probably reading this and asking yourself how this crazy girl could be thinking so deeply about what her pets would think about her leaving. Well, I think for anyone who has ever experienced the unconditional love and loss of a pet, that you probably have gone through this too.

So, as my mom, dad, and myself, stopped at a gas station on our 7 hr. drive to New York, I asked about my cats. I could tell that when I had asked before, my mom was being way too vague with me. So, when she told me, I didn't know how to feel.

Should I cry?
Should I be angry that she was gone?
Should I regret coming to SMC when I knew my cat was sick?

I didn't do any of these things (I will admit to some crying, though). I knew my little girl was suffering, and I hated it. Since I believe in Heaven, I felt that she would be going to a place that would allow her to be the rambunctious, spunky kitty she once was.

Was it tough to hear the news? Absolutely. However, to tell you the truth, if she was able to comprehend that I was going away to the place I was meant to be (Saint Mike's, of course :), I know she would've been happy for me. That's what unconditional love is: loving someone, no matter what their choices are.

Life takes you on unexpected journeys and to different places. It can bring you the best of news and the worst, the greatest days and the saddest. It's up to you, however, to make those days meaningful and full of something good. So instead of wallowing in my sadness, I smiled, knowing that Gigi was in a better place, not suffering or sick. Our pets bring so much light into our lives and I know I will treasure each day I felt her unconditional love.

To everyone who has ever felt the love of a pet, this blog is for you :)

Please feel free to send me a tweet on Twitter or ask me a question on Formspring- I always love getting them!!

Until next time, I send you all my best wishes :)

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