Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Should a Mom visit the Knightchat tonight without the high school senior?

I know my mom is such a big influence in my life. To tell you the truth, at my first Knight Chat, she was actually by my side because I was a bit shy at first. However, I asked all the questions. In my opinion, if Mom wants to stay by her senior's side throughout the chat to give a little boost of confidence, then that's totally fine, but the Senior should be there.

Knight Chats give more info geared towards our perspective students. What's great about SMC is that we do have a Chat specifically for Parents. I know my parents went to it and had many of their questions answered by the great SMC bloggers.

Even though the Knight Chats are terrific, when they are not occuring, Formspring is one of the best ways to have all your questions answered immediately without a time limit. If you have any questions, please never hesitate to just ask myself or any of the other bloggers on our Formsprings, because we will be more than happy to help :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

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