Sunday, May 20, 2012

What is the online language placement test like? Is it mostly grammar and translation, or are there other types of questions on it? Thanks for any help!

No problem!! The fine details will be in your New Student Guide, but basically it's two parts- the preliminary one online is multiple choice which focuses on translation and literacy (so translating passages they present to you etc) and then at the end of it, it will give you a score of what level you would possibly could rank in. Then, there is an essay where they'll give you a topic (mine was write about your best friend) and you put in as much proper grammar and conjugation to show what you know on your registration day. If you've taken something like Latin as your language for high school, you take a SAT II of it. It's not something too hard at all and you don't have to study hard for it, SMC just to see where you would place level wise if you did choose to take this language in college, so just do you're best and it'll go great- good luck :)

Feel free to ask me anything about SMC :)

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