Monday, August 5, 2013

Orientation: The Perfect Beginning to Your SMCVT years...

Happy Monday everyone!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day. I can't believe we're already entering into the home stretch of August, with move in and orientation for the class of 2017 coming up in just 17 DAYS!!!! So exciting!! I'm really excited to have the chance to be working at move in for a 3rd year and cannot wait to meet so many of you that Thursday.

Today, I wanted to talk to my wonderful readers about orientation. While you probably have a million other things to be thinking about right now (will I pack everything I'll need? Are my classes going to go well? Will I like my roommate? Will I be accepted? Will I even know how to get back to my dorm once I leave it!?!?!) I think this is also the perfect time to be considering orientation and how orientation can really help you adjust and transition, while of course making sure you have so much fun at the same time.

Now, everyone is unique. We all have different ways of dealing with change. Some of us are so super excited to move from home and start fresh in college, without looking back. Others are really shy and worried about moving away from their comfort zone and into something they're not secure in. Sometimes, you can even have a mix of both. No matter how you feel, I can guarantee it is okay to feel this way and that you're not alone.

Me personally? If you've read my blog before, you'll know I'm pretty much the biggest worry wart in the world. I tend to be super shy and quiet when I'm in new situations and really only feel myself when I feel like I have control of a situation. It didn't mean I wasn't excited of course- I really was!! The exciting feeling you get when you buy all your new college supplies, talk to future friends on official Facebook pages or Twitter, and think about all of the great, fun things you'll learn and get up to in college is priceless. When I moved in, I think I repeated to myself, "I'm calm. Everything is going to go great. I can do this," thinking that if I thought it, I would actually become it. Ehh, it did slightly, but I was still feeling off.

This is where orientation comes in :)

Orientation is probably the one of the very best things can attend and I could not recommend it more. As many of you have or will be in the near future receiving letters from your Orientation leaders (better known as O-Leaders on campus :) you'll have two upperclassmen at your disposal, who will be helping you the whole weekend with the transition and getting used to campus. Take advantage of these great people, because they will be a wonderful source of support for not only the weekend, but the year as well. (Also just a side note- like I mentioned before I'll also be on campus so if you randomly need a support hug, whether we've met or not, come find me and I'd be happy to give you one. I bet your O-Leaders would too :)

Probably one of the biggest things we all worry about is whether we will meet friends, or at least it was for me. It's the best feeling when you meet someone who wants to join the rugby team as much as you do, find someone to play Call of Duty with, scream about the Bruins game, who watches Doctor Who or Sherlock religiously, laughs at all the same GIFs and Youtube videos you do, loves nail polish or reading the same books, or listens to the most random music that you just happen to call your favorite. It's like you want to shout, "HA I FOUND A FRIEND YES SCORE BOOM !!!!"

Now, while this feeling is the absolutely terrific, you actually have to go out and meet these people to get it, which is why Orientation is so great!! While you may think icebreakers are silly and dancing is just not your thing, I'm not forcing you to go. Just to try. Nothing ever succeeds in my opinion unless you try. These events are all put on with you in mind, trying to make this as easy as possible for you. So why not experience them? Yes, I understand the feeling of awkwardness, nervousness, being super pumped, or thinking it's stupid to even bother, but try the best you can to put that aside and go in with an open mind. You can experience something that you never thought you would and it could actually be fun!! My wonderful readers, nothing ever comes from not getting yourself out there, going a bit out of your comfort zone, and keeping what makes you the amazing person you are a secret from others. Orientation is just a start, but I can guarantee it's a start that you'll want to begin with :)

If you guys would like me to do a more in depth blog post in the next few days about the different events and my experiences with them, just let me know. Any blogposts that you'd like to see in the next couple of weeks to help with the transition, please feel free to find me on the FB Class of 2017 pageemail, tweet, or anonymously ask me on and I'd absolutely love to help out!!

Until next time, I wish you all my very best wishes,
Alex :)

PS I just wanted to send a special thank you to my wonderful readers. Recently, I reached the 30,000 views mark on my blog and I could not have done it without the support of all of you. Whether one person or one thousand people read this, I write this for each and every one of my readers and you mean the world to me. Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart :)

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