Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welcome to your Senior Year, SMC Girl...

Happy TUESDAY everyone!!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!! It's been three weeks since I arrived back at One Winooski Park and let me tell you, it has been a jam packed three weeks. From welcoming in the Class of 2017, VITA team training and retreat, and getting re-adjusted to being back in class and running activities- it has really been a lot.

Also, when did I become a senior????

Honestly it feels like yesterday, I began blogging as a first year in the fall of 2010, and here we are three years later about getting ready for my senior year. Time really does go so fast.

Day 1: Reunited and It Feels So Good, Hugs, and OMG WE LOVE THE QUAD COMMONS!!!!!

The fam and I left NY at about 4am and got to campus around 11. When I arrived, I was so lucky to run into my SMC mom, Anna Lester, who from the very beginning of my time at SMC has been one of my biggest supports. We had about a two hours to move stuff into my townhouse (one of which I just spent sitting in my best friend, Kate's, kitchen because I had just missed her so much) before I had to go to my first VITA meeting of the day. It was so nice being reunited with everyone, but the most exciting part of the day was when I got to vlog this:

First, is your step by step tour of the new Quad Commons residence hall, staring the VITA Team:


Making goody bags for first years in Alliot!!
Team meeting in the new Quad Commons lounge!!

Honestly, I am so amazed at how wonderfully SMC is expanding for the future and that I get to experience this during my final year at SMC. We ended up having VITA team meeting in one of the new lounges (with panoramic views of campus- gorgeous!!) and then heading back to Alliot to make VITA bags, filled with goodies, for the incoming Class of 2017.

Day 2: WELCOME CLASS OF 2017!!!!

Anna, Tim, Colleen, Emily and I at the VITA table in Ross!!
I woke up at 7am to shower, get ready, say goodbye to the parents, who were taking the long trip back home, and with a call time of 8:30 to be ready for team breakfast and orientation. Of course, being in a new living space, I wasn't use to the ins and outs of the house (aka the shower pressure stinking at first and how overheated I was= BAD HAIR DAY!!) Anyway, saying my emotional goodbyes and having my mom make sure she could get 20 pictures of my best friend, Emily and I in our team tees... I was slightly running behind schedule. Oh well, it was okay because it was MOVE IN AND ORIENTATION FOR CLASS OF 2017!! As all of my wonderful readers know, I literally LOVE making new friends and helping people get settled and supported on campus, so it was like Christmas!! I met so many people in the dorms and VITA table in Ross, which made my day!! Best of all... MARCI MOVED IN!! Marci, being a part of the Lit Choir, was able to move in early for Orientation mass and I was so happy to be reunited with her and see her family. Later that night, my friends, Emily, Taylor, Anthony, Brian, Mary Kate, Kelly, Maura, Colleen, and I went to support our O-Leader friends during the first Orientation event of the weekend, the Fun for All. While I can't give too much about it and ruin the surprise, it did end up with a lot of great costumes and so much SMC spirit that I was so glad I could get a chance to go.
VITA team 2013!! Tim, Maura, Colleen, Emily, Kate, Kelly, Lauren, me, and Katie!!

Day 3: Rock Point and Orientation Mass

Uhh... guys? What are you doing? Hahaha!!
Friday started off as a bit more of a relaxed day, since our team call time was 10am, and I definitely took advantage of sleeping in a bit. I ended up reading at mass and not only got to meet so many first year families, but was reunited with two of my favorite SMC professors, Professor Bolduc (who I took Intro to Soc with) and Mrs. Professor Begley (who I take Greek with). We had a hour break before we headed off to the Rock Point School with MOVE Core Team. Rock Point is usually my favorite activity of VITA team orientation because I not only love getting the chance to work with MOVE, but to put my faith of helping people into action. Both teams ended up cleaning and preparing the school for the incoming students, with myself, Emily, and Colleen being on dorm cleaning duty. Later on, we went down to Lake Champlain to have some dinner after a long afternoon of helping out the Rock Point staff.
MOVE and VITA core teams!!

Day 4: Tears, Reflection, Moe's and I hope I Don't Die on this Hike
Team ready for the hike!!
Saturday, our final day of team orientation, was our team retreat. Anna decided that a great way to bond was to take a half a mile hike to Niquette Bay and have our team retreat there. Of course, I was a bit... apprehensive? Nervous? Thought I may die? Well, whatever one you pick, I was that. Even though I felt that way, of course, I vlogged it all.

Senior members and SMC mom, Anna!!
The theme of the day was basically how we sometimes have so much going on around us, but sometimes, we need to let things settle so we can see things clearly. Honestly, it helped me to reflect on where I want to be this year and how I need to keep a settled and clear mind. Overall, team retreat was the best yet. One of the most poignant part of the retreat were our affirmations. Every year, I sob my eyes out because it's just a time to come together, let each member of team know what we love about them, and say an intention for them. After a great retreat, we headed to Mo's for dinner to conclude our last day of team orientation. When I got back later that night, I was reunited with MY BEST FRIENDS MEGAN AND MARY!! I was so unbelievably happy to see and hug the rest of my friends who had moved in that Saturday as well!!

I couldn't have been happier.

Honestly, SMC brings a lot of light into people's lives, even when they don't know they need it. Being back has made me see that even more and makes me just so lucky to be apart of this supportive and loving SMC family. Hopefully my senior year continues to bring this every day.

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, please never hesitate to send me a tweet on Twitter, ask.fm anonymous question, or shoot me an email- I'm always happy to help!!

Until next time, I send you my very best wishes,
Alex :)

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